Four (NOT the character from Divergent)

Patrick and I have been married for four years as of yesterday!

I realized  that is basically the equivalent of a standard undergraduate degree.  That is pretty crazy.

My life has been divided in fours for basically almost half of its existence.

Four years of high school, four years of undergrad degree, four years of med school.

Residency actually is the odd thing out being five years.

Now my marriage fit in too.  I know, most people do units of 5 as a big deal.  But, I was pretty impressed with the whole four thing.  So was Patrick.  He got us an appropriate ice cream cake (and made BBQ supper).  He reports the girl at the ice cream store was equally impressed by the whole four years thing. photo

Maybe four is the new five.

Okay, no not really, but it is nice to celebrate a wee bit (even if I’m not the celebrating sort).

We are so blessed.

8 thoughts on “Four (NOT the character from Divergent)

  1. Yay, Happy 4th Anniversary! My husband and I are only a few months ahead of you guys; we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary in May. Compared to a lot of celebrities, this is quite an accomplishment! 🙂

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