Podcasts, Vlogs and Audiobook… Oh my.

As I previously alluded to, I spent my time during my concussion doing a lot of mandated nothing.  It does not compare to the optional “nothing productive” I did all weekend away with Patrick.

While concussed, though, I did learn about some time sinks that I have tried to otherwise avoid.

Really, you might not call them time sinks.  Because the things I speak of are podcasts, Vlogs (audio only… Sad face), and audiobooks.  They can enhance productivity.  But, at the time I partook in them, they were there to prevent me from wanting to pull my hair out.

On that note, if you have a concussion, you shouldn’t be reading this.  And really, you probably shouldn’t listen to too many of these things because they still make your brain work which will still make you head hurt in too large of doses.

I have done the whole podcast thing.  I used to listen to Focus on the Family ones (namely about marriage) on the bus sometimes or when Patrick and I would have “The Church of Jag” on road trips.  But, I have never been one to regularly subscribe to them.  And probably still won’t be.

Not that they aren’t good.  Just that I didn’t really, really LOVE one enough to reserve a chunk of time for them regularly.

But, I did find some good ones.

My favourite, of course, was catching up on “White Coat Black Art” by Canada’s own Dr. Brian Goldman (who spoke at grand rounds while I was on my Emerg rotation and I saw him LIVE!!).  This is a radio feature and podcast done by an ER doc about medicine and the stuff that really happens.  I have liked his work before and do try to catch most of the episodes, but was way behind (especially given the last episode of the season was in December).  So, I caught up.  I laughed.  My head hurt.  I had to take a break.  It was good.

I did do some Focus on the Family stuff.  I do think they do good work.  I do think they teach great things.  But, I couldn’t take it this time.  I just couldn’t.

I found another show called “Freakenomics.”  This is another “I would listen to this again if I find myself with spare time” one.  It is a show looking at, well, economics, but not your traditional economics.  It is fascinating.  They did one about the double hamburger from McDonald’s being one of the most nutritious and cheapest foods on earth.  Another about how first born girls are more likely to ruin marriages and break up families than first born boys. The people from the show have written books… I want to read them.

I listened to a gosh-awful podcast from some oncology journal that made me think too much and hurt my head.  But, not only that, the guy sounded like he felt worse than I did and was reading the stuff directly from the journal.

“This American Life” was the other podcast I discovered (me and countless others… I picked it off the iTunes recommended podcast list).   It had funny stories.  Not a do-over, but in my concussed state of boredom, I could see the appeal.  I might check it out if I have time to kill and nothing else to do.

On YouTube, I listened to at least a years worth of the Vlog Brothers (if you like John Green’s books, you might just love this too) and Mental Floss (same people, different show)  It was hilarious and probably the funniest use of my time.  I will keep watching these in batches.  Here are a couple of my favourites…

There were other Vlogs I checked out.  But the Vlog Brothers and their spin-offs were my favourite.  I couldn’t use the computer for long, so I mainly stuck to that channel.

The last thing we discovered was an audiobook.  We shelled out the cash to buy The Art of Racing In the Rain by Garth Stein.  Patrick agreed to listen to it with me.  We laughed, we cried.  We listened to the full 6 and a half hours of book in three days.  It was an excellent book and I now totally see why people like audiobooks.  Especially this one, because it was told from the perspective of a dog, so it was like the reader was just the voice of the dog.

That was what I did to entertain myself.  That and watch the crane at the construction site across the street.  And sleep.  And stare at the ceiling.  A lot.

Did I mention I am glad things are back to normal?

2 thoughts on “Podcasts, Vlogs and Audiobook… Oh my.

  1. Podcasts are a great way to pass the time! Since my job requires basically no thought, I’m listening to podcasts during most of my work day to keep my brain active. About half of my podcasts are Star Trek related, since I love it so much and there’s so many Trek podcasts out there! One that I really like that you might enjoy is called The Relevant Podcast. It’s branched off from a magazine called Relevant, which is a Christian magazine geared towards people in the 18ish-30ish age range. The podcast is hilarious… there are a lot of callback jokes from previous podcasts though, so it can take a few episodes to catch up, but it’s fun. They also include interviews, which sometimes I find boring and skip over but sometimes they’re interesting.

    I tried This American Life and I thought it was OK, but didn’t LOVE it, so I haven’t listened after my first three episodes (two of which were a Part One, Part Two sort of deal so it felt like one). People seem to really like it but I guess it’s just not really my thing.

    • I will have to check out The Relevant Podcast at some point. It sounds good. Maybe one of these days. I half fear getting in to it and wanting to listen regularly (as crazy as that might be).

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