Fifteen Credits (Daily Prompt)

Today’s prompt with the Daily Post is called “Fifteen Credits” and asks people to write about their feelings with regards to the start of a new school semester or what you miss/like about no longer being in school.

I feel like I am one of those few people who somehow fit into all and none of these categories.

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As a resident, I am technically still a student, which is delightful in all of the partaking in student discounts.  That also means I still pay a small amount of tuition that I have only set foot in a hand full of times.

We, however do not follow the university calendar (blatantly ignore or ignorant bliss are other words that come to mind).  We do take classes of sorts and write all kinds of exams and such, but not on a schedule and we don’t really get transcripts or credits as such.

So, I intermittently forget what real university people do and when school starts and ends and such.  I am aware of back to school because of the commercials, the onslaught of new and beautiful stationary and my husband’s job hunt ramping up.

The start of a new school year does affect me.  For starters, with the spouse being a teacher… Well, trying to be a teacher (a challenge in today’s job market), I am very aware of school starting and how that changes routines.  In the summer, I have a house husband.  During the school year, it is a mystery most days whether or not he will work and for how long and where.  It is early morning phone calls and surprise required extra early drop-offs.  It also means at least some second income (YAY).

I also love the start of a new school year for the aforementioned stationary.  Who doesn’t love some new pens or post-its or useless notebooks?  Patrick would argue I will be the Mom in this Wal-Mart commercial when we have kids.

I don’t miss the crowdedness of hallways.  The confusion of sorting out new schedules or the annoyingness of having to listen to other people in classes ask stupid questions just to hear themselves talk.

I totally do miss a lot about “real school.”  I love learning.  I love having a schedule that is pretty similar from week to week with pre-arranged assingments and reading lists.  I liked studying and writing papers and miss having time to exclusively do that instead of fitting it in between call nights and sick patients.  I loved getting new books and binders.

There is a part of me that would love to go back.  And I might do my Masters part time at some point during residency (I have to be crazy… I have to be).  But, I love the point in my weird in between world.

I get to still take courses (sure, there are only two people in one  of them) and study and read books and get textbooks.  I can excuse some pen purchases.  I still write reports and do presentations.  I can loiter in the library or on the campus if I wanted to (but I hate being there when it is crawling with loud, new undergrad students (I would say I am getting old, but I felt that way when I was a loud, new undergrad student)).

So, yes, I miss going back to school for a new semester and yet there are pieces I won’t miss.  But, yes I am also excited for the new school year.

9 thoughts on “Fifteen Credits (Daily Prompt)

  1. LOL to that commercial. So funny. I’ve always loved the back to school shopping of back to school, but I don’t know if I’ll be that quite excited about taking my kids to go shopping for it. But who knows, maybe I will! I’ve been out of school for four years now, which is still strange to think about, and I don’t miss a lot of it, but I do miss some aspects of it. Well, college mostly, not so much before. I wish I could take college classes and hang out with my friends all the time still, but not have the stress of tests and projects. 🙂

    • Some aspects of school are more to be missed than others… Like seeing friends all the time.
      I too am not convinced I will be quite as excited about back to school shopping as the lady in the commercial. But I do anticipate liking it. At least because O will probably use it as an excuse to get my own stationary.

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  7. You know what I miss? High school. I totally get what you mean about in-between. I may not be a resident but we basically don’t have semesters anymore (or we have semesters, but rarely any holidays in between them).
    And stationery. I love me some stationery.

    • Ah, high school. I really liked high school too, now that I think about it.
      Med school is much the same… Just a mash of classes that transcend time boundaries for the rest of the educational world.

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