My life/marriage as summarized in two Vocal Few songs

I have developed a new musical obsession with the band Focal Few featuring the lead singer from The Classic Crime and his wife.

Seriously, I have been listening to their two EPs incessantly for the last week.

I mean, any band that has a tagline, “A guy and his pregnant wife making music” has to be a win, right?

Two of my favourite songs from this group are two songs that I feel like fit with our anniversary adventure last week.  There is something about commemorating the number of years one is with another person that makes you think back to all of the stuff you have made it through.  There is also something about life that makes you think of all the things you have yet to go through.

“The Road” is one of those songs that looks back at how God has this funny way of planting you right where you need to be, even if it feels like it isn’t.  The journey is important to reaching a destination, but sometimes it feels like you are at a destination when you are still on the journey.

Looking back, it is easy for me to see how our apart time had each of us in places where we needed to be to get to where we are now.  At the time, though, not so much.  I am sure that is just like how I will look back at weekends on call while Patrick goes out camping with the church and such.

“We’ll Make It Some Day” has now begun to appear on my workout playlist.  I find it motivational, as cheesy as it is.

But, on a relationship standpoint, it is also great.  I feel like we have crashed and burned and made a million mistakes.  But really, we have come through them all together.  I also feel like we have spent much time saying “we’ll make it some day.”

Sometimes still, I feel like real life escapes us.  That we are doomed to always be trying to pay back my student debt, that Patrick will always be looking for a job, that we will never have a family of our own.  But, really, that stuff all comes.  And God makes a way for it to come in his time.  And we will look back at this time too and say that we made it.

Pretty cool stuff.

I find it all quite encouraging.

So, there you have it, my marriage as kind of interpreted in two songs by the Vocal Few.   

Less sappiness and nostalgia to follow tomorrow, I am sure.

One thought on “My life/marriage as summarized in two Vocal Few songs

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