Searching for something?

So, I took the plunge a few months ago and made my blog searchable.  For those of you who are paranoid users of the internet, you will understand how much angst this induced.

I mean, what if someone figures out who this strange person is?  Agh!  Frightening stuff.

So anyway, I have been deriving some amusement from some of the search terms that people have put in that have delivered unsuspecting folks to my blog.  I have also seen numerous other blogs do a feature post about the ridiculous and/or interesting search terms people use.  I decided that I might as well jump on the bandwagon and do the same.

The most popular terms are the obvious…, trishadm, at least we made it this far wordpress, etcetera.  Good job remembering something about my blog to find me.  That means you may actually want to read something on here or mock it with more of your friends.  Either way, it makes me feel good inside (I can’t hear you mocking).

A few others of the very popular items were:

“Misheard music lyrics.”  I am glad I am not the only one who has this struggle and a strange fascination with them.

“The Fault In Our Stars Movie.”  I am excited for it too!  And much less nervous about it potentially being butchered once I saw on the Vlog Brothers channel that John Green is hanging out a lot on the set.  If anyone can stop a movie from sucking, it has to be the author of the book, n’est pas?

“Cyst under armpit” (and other permutations of the same concept).  Yum.  Someone has something nasty happening.  As much as my writing about armpit cysts is entertaining to some, I would suggest seeing a real doctor.

“Best beach reads ever.”  I am glad that you need to look into this.  Please read at the beach and stop making out.  We will all be smarter people if you do this.  Even better, try swimming too.  I hear that is what beaches are for (I mean, that and reading).

“Is surgery like Grey’s Anatomy.”  No.

“I hate (insert medical specialty here).”  We all hate some aspect of medicine.  Okay, not all of us.  Some people like everything.  I don’t.  Just suck it up and get through it.

Some of the strangest/funniest ones (at least to me):

“Cat house with air conditioning.”  My cat’s house is an air conditioner box.  Clearly some people have high expectations and a lot of money to spend on their feline friends.

“Doing internal medicine if you hate sick people.”  Generally not recommended.  Internal medicine is chock full of sick people.  In my opinion, that is part of what makes it awesome.  In fact, one may want to reconsider the whole medicine thing if they are not a fan of the sick person.

“Should residency scare me from medicine?”  Yes.

“Zombie nurse in scrubs.”  Well, that scares me a little.

“Shortness of breath,dizzy, sees stars figuratively, what signs are these.”  You, my friend need to see a real doctor or stop with the hypochondriasis.  Either way, not good.

“Trisha cyber gold digger.”  Gosh, they have figured me out.  That is clearly why I have spent a bagillion dollars in schooling and have yet to make a profit blogging.

“When a man goes out and cum bak late around 4am without any xplanation nd without the wife questioning him,wat does that mean.”  I am not sure what it means, but I do know you need to learn how to spell and possibly should look into marriage counseling.

“A fact of oncologist hating and disliking their jobs.”  I sure hope that isn’t a fact or I have a long 30+ years ahead of me.

“Is “crack it out” a saying?” Well, I use it as a saying.  Not sure that helps you much.

“Murder with exacto knife and travel around the country china.”  What?

“free video naked people at lunch”.  Ummm… I am not that kind of site.  But, if you want to see naked people at lunch, I recommend going to the gym.  I have seen my fair share of naked people there and I am not a fan.

“Easy Button bachelorette party.”  That is a hilarious gift idea.  I wish I had thought of that.  I gave an easy button to Patrick before we started dating.  Now, in retrospect, I find this concerning, not an adorable inside joke.  Oh internet, you ruined my innocence.

8 thoughts on “Searching for something?

  1. Trish, how does that work,and how is that different than the dashboard feature on our wordpress blogs that shows the various search terms people have used? I’m not that internet savoy (sp?) and am always curious about these sort of things DM

  2. “Is surgery like Grey’s Anatomy.” No. Ha ha! I also like the cat house with air conditioning search and how it relates to your cat’s air conditioner box house. And some of these are disturbing! I haven’t checked my search terms in a while, now I’m thinking I ought to!

  3. I feel so left out. I never get funny searches. The best one was “chin on hair”. Sigh…..maybe someday I will have blog worthy search phrases. I guess I need to spice up my titles a bit. 🙂

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