Free flight, fish tank sushi and my species

I am at a big rad onc conference this week.

When we arrived last night, Patrick reported to me that there appeared to be lots of  “my kind” around.

As if we are some sort of weird species.

I suppose we kind of are.  But, I quite like it.

I went in knowing 3 people there.  I went to a forced socialization event (otherwise known as a social with drinks and finger foods) and met new people (based on my post from Sunday, you will know this is quite a feat for me).  I generally like other rad onc residents.  I guess they are “my kind.”

Today, I geeked it out a resident refresher course.  Basically a review of various tumor site management and some physics.  I was a happy girl.  Except for the career counselling part where they suggested the job situation still sucks and we should consider doing our American boards and such (that part makes me nauseous).

Image from

In other news, my sucky flight karma continues.  We decided to fly Porter, this smaller Canadian airline that has had rave reviews from everyone I know.  A giant leap from Air Canada.

We get there and as it turns out, their computer system crashed.  Apparently, a fire alarm went off at the company Avatar (coolest name ever, right?) and the sprinklers went off, thus shutting down the server that provides service to a bunch of airlines, including the one we were flying.  So, they checked us in manually.  I mean they wrote down everything about us, cross checked the info with a list and hand wrote our checked luggage.  We wound up being delayed massively because they had to board everyone by hand and calculate all the plane stuff too.


I want to know the formulas for the weight and balance though.  Planes are fascinating stuff.

Anyway, we were an hour and a half late arriving.

As a result I missed the season premiere of New Girl.  This was the most upsetting part of the ordeal for me.

Image from

And honestly, it was one of the least unpleasant delays or plane mishaps I have had.

Then, today, the airline emails me telling me we each got a voucher for a round-trip on Porter for use before March 18.  A FREE TRIP.

I feel like we won a leg of the freaking Amazing Race.

Image from

We have a free flight!

We get to go on a cheap trip!

How cool is that?

Needless to say that was a bit distracting for the later part of the conference today.

So yes, I am a happy girl.  I have my husband, a free trip and I am at a conference learning about one of my favourite things (yes, I know it is my job, but it is a good thing) in a lovely city.

Oh, and we ate sushi today on top of a fish tank (true story).


4 thoughts on “Free flight, fish tank sushi and my species

  1. Be careful, our kind will suck you in and then, you will live in a swirling vortex of Bremstrahlung photons and Compton electrons doing the dance of VMAT. Ooops…too little sleep on my end. Enjoy the time. It’s a great conference! I’ll be heading down South for the American version. At least, you don’t have to contend with 11000 people in attendance (I kid you not!).

    See you next Friday!

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