Running and Dying

This weekend was finally the Run Or Dye I have been training for.

Problem being that I, of course, in true Trisha fashion, somehow injured my left ankle and right knee a week and a half pre-race.  I think the ankle came first, but the I ran again the next day and then both hurt.

To top it all off, we went to Montreal for a few days where we walked EVERYWHERE.

My ankle swelled and bruised and was all around beautiful.

So, running really did kind of feel like death.

Nonetheless, I still did manage to run a bit of the race.  Just a bit though.  And, as it turns out, the course was so horrendously muddy and hilly, most people weren’t running too much more than me.  And others from our group apparently still managed to do the thing in under 20 minutes.

The place where the race was had only one way to it from the city.  Traffic was horrendous.  So, despite leaving for what is normally a 45 minute drive, it took us over 2 hours.  And then we wound up parking in a field and taking a shuttle bus to the race site.IMG_0922

The problem was that almost the rest of our group ended up in a different lot and left without us in a different heat as a result of a big communication fail.

So, the Child and I wandered looking for the others and never found them.  There were so many people.  So. Many.  And the starting point was like a corral.  Like we were cattle being led to be milked or something.  Nobody brought phones (except us) and it isn’t like we knew anyone’s number anyway.  But, we did find another team member who was also misplaced (and stuck in traffic), so we did the course together.IMG_0927

The whole being left behind affair really did not help my insecurities and struggle to blend in with the church people outside of church.  It just made me feel more left out when I had hoped that actually finally doing something with the women would help me feel more involved.  Everyone was super apologetic that night at a bonfire and the next day at church.  It really was just one of those circumstances that sometimes happen and two of the other forgotten people had been a part of the church and this group of friends for ages.  It still felt like it was pointing out yet again that we aren’t fully “one of the gang.”  And part of that is that we are both very aware of the fact that we don’t have as many close friends here while others all know each other well.  And that when people are so “together,” even when they are being welcoming, you still feel a bit outside.  Sadly, even as grown ups, we are still getting it together.  So, sometimes, it feels like high school all over again.  Nobody is perfect, that is why we need grace.

It would have been nice to at least start the race with everyone else in our group (because heaven knows I wasn’t keeping up with the 20 minute 5k people).  But, as it turns out, people watching while corralled with a bunch of strangers is also entertaining.  My favourite was a guy in a bunny suit.  Yes… Full on rabbit.  Totally made the loudness and masses of people better in my books.IMG_0929

Despite that, I still had fun.  And made a new friend (the girl who was also left behind).  We laughed about how out of shape we still are, despite trying to train for this.  We tried not to break our necks going down muddy hills and cringed at the rare crazies who tried to run some of them.  We became super colourful while rocking our cool team t-shirts without most of the team.IMG_0937

We pulled off the 5k in somewhere between 45 and 50 minutes.  Nowhere near record breaking, but given the ski hillishness of the course, the mud and my aching ankle, I feel like that is okay.

What was cute was that our husbands came to cheer us on at our first “race.”  Despite the fact it wasn’t really a race.  The funny part was that they were scared of getting dyed and stayed really far away from the finish and missed us completely.

The boys were scared of these giant dye clouds.

The boys were scared of these giant dye clouds.

I still have some bright pink undertones under my right armpit.  When I got home, I had an orange foot, a part green foot, and a bright pink chest and back.  So charming.

I would do it again.  It was as fun as the internet world suggests.  But next time, if it at the same place, the life lesson is leave super early and plan where to meet better than “the parking lot.”IMG_0935

7 thoughts on “Running and Dying

  1. My daughter (who runs cross country and track) will be doing a Color Run (very similar to your race) on October 19. I can’t wait to show her your pics!

    Feeling displaced is awful. Isn’t it funny that even though we may feel confident in so many areas of our lives, the making, mingling, and keeping of friends can take us back to grade school?

    I have recently made a new friend. She is our new music director at church. She came not knowing but one other person at our church. I interviewed her for our church newsletter before she actually started the job and found her delightful. We have ended up bonding on a level that I could never have imagined in such a short time. She always tells me how smooth I helped make her transition to the new job. I tell her that she is my twin “heart” sister separated at birth because sometimes when I call her to talk, she’ll say, “I was just thinking the SAME thing.”

    I enjoyed this post very much and understood all your emotion perfectly. Been there, done that. Have a blessed day. Sandy

    • Ah, she will have so much fun! It really is a great time, even for me who is new to running!

      Feeling displaced is awful. The good part is that things will get better.

      That is great that you have been there for your new friend. It is awesome how God can put people like you in the path of people like her. It is good that you both have each other now!

      • It’s amazing. Our children graduated together. How we missed knowing each other for 4 years at the same high school, I don’t know. I’m praying you find your balance. And if you run much, you’ll get addicted. Claire did. Good luck.

      • That is amazing. Funny how life works like that sometimes and you just wind up becoming friends with people that you had potential to know for years.
        Thanks for your prayers for balance. I appreciate it!
        I am starting to get addicted to running. Because I hurt my ankle, the Run or Dye was the first time I could run at all in almost 2 weeks and I was really missing it. I still am not entirely up for running very much and I can’t wait to get back to it… Seems strange to me, but it happens.

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