Top Ten Bookish Turn Offs

It is Top Ten Tuesday time again!

This week, the people over at the Broke and Bookish have prompted people to post a list of their top ten bookish turn offs.  The things that you encounter when reading and they totally turn you off.

  1. Love Triangles.  He loves her, he loves her and she just doesn’t know.  Just suck it up and make a choice.  That is how life works.  Normal people don’t do this nearly as often as the books do.
  2. Cheating.  To me, a love triangle can border on cheating.  There is no excuse.  Suck it up and be with the person you are with.
  3. Culture/Religion Bashing.  I love some humor around stereotypes and I am fine with realistic portrayals of whatever.  But, nothing makes me more crazy than when these things are taken too far and out of proportion and not for the purposes of satire.
  4. Unrealistic plot lines.  I am fine if something is based not in reality.  I hate when that crazy sick person survived a guaranteed fatal event or when suddenly people are being pushed together who really have no basis for being together.
  5. Love at first sight.  No.  This isn’t real.
  6. Repetition.  I don’t want to read the same description of a “hunky” guy ten times or basically follow varying permutations of the same situation the whole book.
  7. Graphic “romance.”  I say “romance” because this can include anything from people making googly eyes, excessive swooning or detailed sex scenes.  It all isn’t okay.  I just don’t want to hear about it.
  8. Whiny characters.  I am not a fan of excessive woe is me people or those who are constantly going after something ridiculous.  Just get over yourself.
  9. Stream of consciousness.  I don’t mind it sometimes if it is well done, but I hate it if things jump around too much and it gets tough to follow.
  10. Poor grammar/punctuation/failure to use things like paragraphs.  I feel like one should have mastered at least elementary school level basic writing rules to have a book published.  Or at least that publishers should make sure this is done, unless it is a key piece to the story as a whole.

What things turn you off when you are looking at/reading a book?

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Turn Offs

  1. Good thoughts. I also had cheating, graphic “romance”, and bad grammar on my list. Love triangles are annoying too, and seem to be more common in YA than in adult literature.

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