Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

I am a morning person.  Not an early morning person, but a morning person.  I am more awake, more productive and more happy in the morning than I am during the day.  That being said, I also require a good 6-10 hours of sleep to be a happy girl (8 is perfect), so I still struggle to wake up exceedingly early all the while being plagued by ridiculous migraines if I linger in bed too late into the morning.

This week’s photo challenge with the Daily Post is up my alley… It is called “Good Morning!” and asks for a photo that says good morning.  There are so many options for this.  My first instinct was coffee, but really there are other things to mornings (gasp!).

When we were away this summer with Patrick’s family, I had just started kind of running.  I decided to go for a morning run on the beach to get away and have some alone time.  It was delightful, even if running on sand, I discovered, was much more difficult than the whole treadmill thing.  I liked semi-deserted beach in the morning.  Just me and a few other walkers/runners.



9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

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