Prolonged Week (the home call version of post call)

I was on call this weekend.

The hospital ate me.

Nothing serious, nothing that kept me up all night.  Saturday was reasonable.  A few outside calls, the usual rounding.  I got out for a walk, baked cookies and we watched the Habs win on TV between all of it.   But, a steady Sunday with all kinds of hiccups and issues that made me want to facepalm repeatedly (like losing a scheduled admission patient for 4 hours only to find out they weren’t able to come in until around 8pm… Please note… We are not a hotel!)

Luckily it was home call, so after working all week, then most of the  weekend, I got to get up and start another week again.

Oh, and my brother in law arrives  for a visit tomorrow.

Thank goodness I have an awesome husband who helps around the house.

And I wouldn’t trade my full weekend home call for in-house call for anything.

Too bad I can’t call in exhausted and in need of a good housekeeper.

I had such a good run of call.

It is either feast or famine.

On a semi-related note, today is Medical Monday.  To check out much more eloquently written (though possibly at times equally sleepy) posts from medically related folks, check out the link here.

14 thoughts on “Prolonged Week (the home call version of post call)

  1. There are good home call days and bad home call days. Sometimes I wish call were just in-house so I would know what to expect. Thanks for linking up with Medical Monday’s!

  2. Sounds rough! I hear you about scheduled admissions not arriving. Some of ours at least have the decency to call and let us know. Others will arrive only the next morning and then be annoyed that we gave their OR-spot to someone else.

    • Most of ours have the decency to call too. This was a bit of a misunderstanding about how firm the time we were expecting the person was, but it was starting to become ridiculous.

  3. My husband has some of the most hideous home call weekends ever!! I hate them!! If he’s up… I’m up! The pager is just annoying! Hopefully, the next time you take weekend call it will be quiet. 🙂
    Thanks for linking up with us for Medical Monday!!

    • Some people just seem to have the worst luck! I am glad that all my nights aren’t like that. But, I do hope my next weekend isn’t as bad.
      Thanks for stopping by! I hope your husband’s home calls are okay next time too.

  4. Stopping in from MM! I can kinda relate from a kid’s perspective… one parent was on call on weekends every so often while the other would make sure we weren’t burning the place down. And then I grow up, look back on the times I could go in and watch a closed reduction at midnight in middle school, and think myself pretty lucky… maybe that’s what started this whole med school business!?

    • Midnight closed reductions in middle school do sound pretty cool! Although I imagine having parents on call often had their annoying sides too.
      One day, you’ll be doing this whole call thing too.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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