Things That Make Me (Patrick) Thankful

It is time for another Patrick guest post.  For you new folks out there, Patrick is my husband.  Every once in a while, he feels so compelled to write a blog post of his very own.  Today, I am sick with a cold and he was not working, so he volunteered his blog post writing services.

Yes, I know that I’m a little late for Canadian Thanksgiving, which was this past weekend but I’m more than a month early for American Thanksgiving, so I think it balances out.  In all seriousness, I don’t think Thanksgiving should be the only time people are thankful any more than Valentine’s day should be the only day people are romantic with their significant others.  God has blessed me with far too much to contain my gratefulness to only one day. So here is a list of the main things of what I’m thankful for.

Disclaimer: If you don’t like mushy stuff or would rather focus on the things you don’t have than this post is not for you. Side effects may include warm fuzzy feelings and overall better moods.


The first person I need to mention is my best friend, biggest fan and only person I can spend inordinate amounts of time around without needing a break…… cat.   Just kidding, I’m referring to my wonderful wife. I couldn’t imagine my life without her and am glad we can still make each other laugh hysterically, cheer each other up and drive each other crazy.

As she mentioned last week my older brother D came to visit us for the first time in our semi-new location. It was nice to show him around town and treat him to a meal at one of our favorite restaurants. But more than that it was great to simply hang out together doing things we’ve always enjoyed like playing basketball, watching hockey games and talking about our childhood shenanigans.

We then went home for the long weekend and saw all of our family there.  We drove up with Trisha’s parents to visit her Aunt and Uncles’ farm, which includes a goose (well did until this weekend…), chickens, goats, rabbits, barn cats and dogs. Not to mention 3 fun kids who we played with and helped carve Halloween pumpkins. As we ate a delicious farm fresh Thanksgiving dinner, I thought about the saying “when you marry someone you marry their family” and how glad I married the family that I did.

We had another Turkey day dinner with my immediate family the next day which included my 91 year-old “Granky,” who is always a pleasure to see. Before we started eating my sister insisted we take a family photo, which was carrying on my Grandmothers’ tradition only Grammy usually suggested it just as we were taking our first bites. Our family has a lot to be thankful in the past year alone including my sisters new/better job, multiple pay raises, and my brother finding a special someone who recently started a new job herself.

We had a third turkey day dinner on Monday with Trisha’s parents and her two grandmothers to conclude our family dinner tour.

Of course I have to mention our crazy cat Jeter because he has brought a lot of laughs and aw moments since we got him last Halloween. He’ll soon start the terrible twos but that doesn’t apply to cats… Right?


While we were home, we also managed to see one of our best couple friends L & C and catch up on how their recent move and C’s new job has been going. We stuffed our faces and laughed a lot.

This time last year, we were just starting to get settled here ourselves and barely knew anyone. Since then another one of our favorite couples moved near us for a job, which has been great. Trisha now has someone to share her coffee addiction with I have a movie buddy again. We also share a lot of other interests including our love of cats, which comes in handy as we can cat-sit for each other when we go away.

As an introvert, I don’t make friends easily but thankfully our church has fun events such as bonfires and men’s events, which help a lot. I’m also excited that our new small group has finally started up and the new friendships that will spawn as a result. I’ve also joined a Recreational basketball league with total strangers and am getting to know some cool people as a result. We are possibly the worst team in the league but that’s okay because we are named the “Honey badgers”. I still believe that to make a friend you have to be a friend and I’m confident that when we look back a year from now we will have a lot of great memories with both new and old friends.

**If you don’t know where the name Honey Badgers comes from, check out this YouTube video that inspired their name (heads up… the narrator does swear).  


For the first time ever when someone asks me what I do for a living I can answer, “I am a Teacher” and just a teacher.  Up until this year I’ve worked many different jobs at the same time including teaching but this year I decided it was time to finally focus on my actual career.  There are many reasons for why I did so and that’s a story for another time, but I know I made the right decision. Yes, I am a substitute teacher, not full-time but that is still a decent job in itself. In fact, I didn’t even realize I got an almost 5 % raise in my pay until I got my first pay cheque because the Teachers union signed a new contract.  September was busier than expected for the first month of school and October has been slow so far. But up and down is how it goes and as bad as it sounds I am looking forward to cold and flu season which is coming up fast. The fact that I “just” substitute teach confuses many well-meaning people who don’t fully understand why I can’t get a full-time teaching position or why I would do something that isn’t a guaranteed job every day or. The reality is that there are far more teachers out there than jobs and I can’t work a normal 9-5 job that would prevent me from taking teaching jobs that come up.  I have applied to a couple tutoring jobs that wouldn’t interfere but haven’t had any luck so far. I could work retail or other unrelated job as long as they understand that teaching is my priority. I’m thankful that I have the luxury of not having to work multiple jobs because of Trisha’s job, which also confuses people.

Both our careers have very dismal job market projection for the next few years but I’m glad that unlike many careers, we are still able to work in them in different capacitates.  Plus as the Biblical proverb says worrying will not make us any taller or live longer. We can only trust that God will take care of us has he always has in the past.

Everything else

I could keep going on and on about things like good health and Canada and material things, but I’ll give you a chance to think about what you are thankful for instead of reading more about me. I’ll end with an illustration that personally really put things in perspective and I should think about more often instead of focusing on the negatives.  After all, there are far more positives and it’s much more fun to focus on them!  We once did a video series that talked about how if you have a fridge or a car you are rich compared to most of the world.  This is along the same lines.

Image from

2 thoughts on “Things That Make Me (Patrick) Thankful

  1. That’s a lot to be thankful for. Patrick sounds very wise and has a good attitude to go along with it. And the terrible twos in cats…. now that’s scary to even think about! LOL!

    • It is a lot to be thankful for. 🙂
      Cat terrible twos are indeed terrifying. I feel like we had terrible ones, so maybe he will mature and become slightly more docile… Maybe?

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