Twisted Mix-Tape: Songs that are spiritual to me

It is my usual top ten tuesday day from the Broke and the Bookish, but I wasn’t a fan of the topic this week.  And I am so swamped with all sorts of work stuff, I couldn’t be bothered trying to piece together a list.

Then, I remembered this meme that I saw a few weeks back from My Skewed View called the Twisted Mix-tape.  I like music.  I love a classic mix-tape.


This week’s mix is themed around songs that are spiritual to you.  My list are spiritual songs that get me through the rough days.

More Time by Needtobreathe.  Yes, this has been on this blog a number of times before, but it always reminds me that things take time and my timing isn’t always’s God’s timing.  “Please don’t worry now.  It will turn around.”  Those lines get me every time.

Your Hands by JJ Heller.  It is a good balance of upbeat and slow and the kind of simple that makes me think of it as a little prayer.

Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns.  I know, some people see this as a very cliché song, but it got me through the MCATs and I still sing it to myself from time to time when things seem big.

Waiting For My Real Life to Begin by Colin Hay.  Yes, it was on Scrubs and no, I haven’t watched the show.  I sang it in med school choir, though (don’t judge).  It takes me to an imaginary place and a very real place in life all at once.

The Precipice by The Classic Crime.  “I dreamt I stood on a hill that I wished was a mountain to look back on all my accomplishments.  Well, they must have been small because I couldn’t seem to find them, so I took a leap off of the precipice.”  So true, so true.  And this is another song that has great sing along potential, build up and meaning.

Amazing Because It Is by The Almost.  Another one of my all-time favourite songs, it isn’t so much motivational as profoundly meaningful and one of those songs where the variety of volumes, combinations of voices and instruments and all that stuff really put it together as something powerful.  Thus, why it is the conclusion to the mix tape.

I could add so many more songs to this.  It was one of those moments where I wanted to make the 5ish songs 10, but that would turn into 20 (and me getting no work done tonight).  It was fun to make.  And made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Funny how good music can do that.

7 thoughts on “Twisted Mix-Tape: Songs that are spiritual to me

  1. I loved listening to these.
    I think you might like “This woman’s work” by Kate Bush and “You are my joy” by Reindeer Section.

  2. Well I couldn’t be more thrilled that you jumped on board! And with a great mixtape to boot! Too bad we can’t all just trade them. Early on I created a YouTube playlist for each mix but it was a ton of work and not too many people took advantage of it, but since I got the idea I still stick some of the songs I love into their own categories. Thank you so much for adding more songs to my personal list this time. I have had plenty of struggles for this week and some of these songs are relatively new (or re-newed) to me, and I look forward to hearing them more! Please come back again!

    • Thanks for stopping by!
      I will indeed come back again, it was great fun!
      I have never made a YouTube playlist, but I can see the pros and cons of that. I too like to categorize my own music, at least.
      I hope your week has gotten a bit better or away least has had some resolution to some of the struggles.
      Take care!

  3. Thanks for this – I really enjoyed the Christian Rock choices – have to say, it is an entirely foreign genre for me. I enjoyed both the Needtobreathe choice and The Almost song – really lovely.

    Thank you for sharing these.

    • I am glad you got to try something new. Christian rock is one of those genres that can be really bad, but also as excellent as many other genres when done well.
      Thanks for stopping by!!

      • I’m so glad I did! I love this blog hop for just this reason – chance to consider genres/bands I otherwise wouldn’t come across!

        Thanks again!

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