Top Ten (six) Sequels I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On

I have said this on here and I will say it again… I am not a huge series reader.   I do like them, but for some reason, I often tend to pick up one-off books.  That or I wait to start a series until all of the books in said series are released. 

This week’s top ten Tuesday list with the folks at the Broke and the Bookish is the top ten sequels I can’t wait to get my hands on.  This list is totally not making ten.

  1. Allegiant by Veronica Roth.  I know, it is out and has been for some time.  The Child has it in her possession (I saw it whilst cat sitting this weekend), so I will borrow it when she is done.  I loved the first two books in this series and really want to know what happens next!
  2. The rest of the Beautiful Creatures series by Kami Garcia.  I am kind of embarrassed to admit that I liked the first book enough to want to read the rest, but I do.  Not enough to buy them, but enough to check them out of the library one of these days.
  3. Lola and the Boy Next Door and Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins.    I loved Anna and the French Kiss, so these would be good to read too.
  4. Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R. Tolkien.  Okay, I am not looking forward to one of the books so much as looking forward to one day reading the series.
  5. Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin.  So, again, I just plain need to read these books at some point.  I also would like to point out here that given the age of the author and the rate at which he puts out books, there is an astute possibility the last book may not be published before he dies.  That would be sad, but until I read the series and want to know what happens, it would be a bit funny to see everyone squirm because that last book just will never be there.
  6. Ender’s Game series by Orson Scott Card.  Patrick recently picked up the book Ender’s Game in preparation for us going to see the movie (and being book geeks, we clearly must read the book first).  I anticipate needing to read the rest once I read one.

There are a bunch of other series that I keep hearng about that I probably should take up reading, but I am not quite as sold on trying them as I am on these particular ones.

What sequels are you looking forward to reading?

10 thoughts on “Top Ten (six) Sequels I Can’t Wait To Get My Hands On

    • It is a great series. I am often very behind in series (as evidenced by my list), so I feel you pain. At least now, if you love the series, you can read all three in a row!

  1. I read the first book in Ender’s Game, but I’ve heard that the sequels don’t really live up to it. I thought the first book ended nicely so I don’t think I’ll be reading the rest.
    Definitely keen for Allegiant too, though.

    • Good to know. I am going to read Ender’s Game and see whether I want to go on with reading the rest. I have heard from others, as well that it is a good stand-alone book.

  2. Speaking of Ender’s Game, I really want to read Ender’s Shadow, a companion novel told from the POV of one of the other characters. I don’t have a real interest in any of the other books, though. And I’d definitely recommend reading the book before watching the movie, and then enjoying the movie as a companion to the book with the realization they couldn’t play out every detail.

  3. I keep forgetting allegiant is out-I was so into the other 2 but its been a while since I read. May need to re-read them and move to that one. Fellow medical wife here-nice blog!

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