Rehashing and researching

I tend to focus and rehash strange little details.

Like how I am still rethinking every station I did on the LMCC and how I could have done them differently and what stupid things I said and did.

Or how sometimes, when I am working or on call I spend excessive amounts of time looking something that turns out to be irrelevant up.

Take tonight, for instance…

I get a call with a simple question that was only partly related to the resulting saga.

As a result, I just spent the last half hour reading about IV fluid compatibility in PICC lines because I remembered being on the transplant service and using lines for all sorts of things.  I knew TPN doesn’t play well with others, but that heparin does work reasonably with some other things.  I read all about the interactions and ways around them and piggyback lines and all that good stuff.

I did this partly because I wanted to find out if we could combine things if venous access was too difficult to obtain tonight.  Partly because I wanted to save hassle later.  And partly because I was insatiably curious and thought it would be good to know at another time

All of this to realize that hospital policy stops me from ordering it like that in a non ICU type setting.  Despite the evidence I read.  Because it is still complicated and it is safer to use separate lines.   And despite the time I spent trying to figure it out.

The crazy is helpful sometimes.  I like to think it can help me to be a better doctor.

Sometimes, it just keeps me from reading my physics homework.


4 thoughts on “Rehashing and researching

  1. Somewhere along the line, this information will be useful along with the fact that you can only do in ICU situations. Learning is never wasted time (and if it can delay physics homework, so much the better!)

    • I know it will be useful… Especially knowing what the limitations are on the floor I work on the most.
      You’re right… Learning is never wasted. And sometimes the procrastination is worth it too.

  2. So different in peds. We live to find ways not to throw in another line, or there just isn’t access available. So getting creative with what infusions can get married and not divorce is part fun, part exasperation.

    • I know! I liked that part about peds (moreso the not sticking kids with a million lines than the puzzle piece). It was the same when I was on the transplant unit because there were so many infusions and such.
      Sometimes, we can be so cruel and impractical in adult medicine.

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