On Two Years of Blog.

WordPress just informed me that today is my two year anniversary of starting my blog.

My second blogiversary, if you may.


When I started this thing it was more of a social experiment and a bucket list check off thing for me.  Then, a way of keeping in touch.  Now, it is all of those things, plus a way to get to know some super awesome people… And de-stress/procrastinate.

And my, how life has changed in those two years.  

No, I am not going to look back or make a list of things that happened.

I think I did that last year.  

I am busy, content, and all around kind of where I hoped I would be at this point with a few bumps in the road.  That is what really matters.

And all I will write about tonight.

I am happy, but wiped out from a weekend that was jam packed with visits from L&C, a uro-oncology conference, a work Christmas party, church and Catching Fire with the Child and her husband.  I need to catch up on work, sleep and time alone with the husband.  

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