Twisted Christmas

I missed the last few Twisted MixTapes, but this week, I am in.

Interestingly, it is called “Twisted Christmas” and is looking for a mix of Christmas songs.  I am generally one of those sorts of people who get annoyed by anything Christmas before the 15th of December, let alone the beginning of December, but this year I have become more festive and even have my tree up… So why not participate in this too?

I am really not a big fan of a lot of the Christmas favourites that are always on the radio.  I like the weird Christmas songs.  The less played or more bizarre are the tunes I tend to be drawn to. That being said, there are a few songs that I still love despite being popular.

“Come On Ring Those Bells.”  What a good song to get things started. .  Our church choir back home sings this song almost yearly and a few of the old dolls sing “them bells” instead of “those bells.”  It strikes me funnier than it probably should.   I actually wrote an entire blog post around this and other choir at Christmas adventures  a couple years ago.

“Joseph’s Lullaby” by MercyMe.  I like story songs and I like that this song takes a perspective that you don’t often get.  What was Joseph thinking when baby Jesus was born.  Plus, it is pretty!

“Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)” by Chris Tomlin.  The first time I heard this was when I sang it with a few lovelies for a Christmas service a few years back.  It is so pretty and ah, the harmonies!

“Carol of the Bells” as sung by the Muppets.  The Muppets are key to this song being awesome to me.  This cracks me up every year!

“You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch.”  I adore the Dr. Seuss tale and particularly the animated version (I may sing with it and know most of it word for word).  The lyrics to this song are hilarious if you really listen to it!

What are some of your favourite Christmas tunes?  

11 thoughts on “Twisted Christmas

  1. Love these! Here are a few of my faces 🙂

    Christmas Lights by Coldplay
    The Little Drummer (almost any version!)
    Christmas All the Time by Tom Cochrane

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I absolutely adore “Joseph’s Lullaby.” Hands down, one of my favorite Christmas songs! I’m not a fan of the Grinch story but the song is funny, and I especially enjoy NewSong’s cover of it.

    • “Joseph’s Lullaby” is one of the very few Christmas songs I have on my iTunes, it is that good.
      I had never heard the NewSong cover of it until just now. It is good!

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