Learning Style

Yesterday, the Daily Post had a prompt called “Learning Style” asking about your learning style.

I used to cringe when people would pass out those learning style inventories and such.

I have never been one to really fit into one of the boxes.

And I suppose that is a good thing.

It is easier for me to say what I don’t learn well doing…

Group work.

I have never been a fan of the group work.

Sometimes I like to joke it is because I’m an only child and don’t play well with others.

But seriously, I hate relying on other people to get work done.

Plus, I was always one of those kids who would have a bunch of work dumped on them.  And I like to teach and help people, but I want to get to do my own work too.

So, group work is a big no!

I am also not the best at learning by doing.  I like to learn by doing… Otherwise medicine would be a big issue.  That being said, practical skills learning by doing takes me a long time.  Manipulative skills are not my strong suit.

I like to read things in books.  Or hear them in lectures.

And yes, I prefer them in print.  Or tables.

I don’t get mneumonics.  Pictures don’t stick in my head particularly well (unless they are hilarious and not fully related).

I work things out in my own head through research and note taking… Then, I can apply it.

My books are highlighted.  I make post-its to piece together concepts.  Sometimes, I make entire sets of my own notes.  I like practice questions.

The more real-life applications and examples, the better.

But I need to know the basic concepts and build principles.

That is how I learn best.

Please, share your thoughts!

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