Funny distractions… Basically some internet videos.

It has been a crazy week.

I had a horrendous call shift, I had a presentation, I worked a bunch… The usual.

I also watched White Christmas with the Child, managed to hit the gym and got to see some old friends for a bit.

I distracted myself with all sorts of randomness, Christmas knitting inclusive.  I thought I would share some of my YouTube distractions from the week… Mainly because nobody wants to see the dishcloths and other stuff I have been knitting.

To start, honest trailers.  This kept me from doing work last weekend for at least an hour.  I mean, they really are honest and hilarious.

Then there was this commercial a friend posted on Facebook that I just had to watch before bed last night.  And then, in my overtired state, I kept giggling about it.

Patrick found this gem tonight.  We laughed hysterically through most of it.  Maybe it isn’t that funny, but we really thought it was.  

And to make things festive, here is a video from Rhett & Link that the Child introduced me to that takes many of the Christmas Carols I hate and makes them, well, hilarious, thanks to autocaption fails.

Lastly, I found this gem looking for the previous Rhett & Link video for this post.  I feel like this actually happens when I am on road trips (minus the speeding ticket part).  It also happens when Patrick and I are walking down the street.  Fact… It happened tonight while we were walking down the street.  We are indeed going to embarrass our teenage children.

On that note, have you had recent distractions?  Anything entertaining?

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