Top Ten New To Me Authors of 2013

It is starting to be the time of year where all of the 2013 look back stuff is happening.

Therefore, it seems fitting that this week’s top ten Tuesday list with the Broke and the Bookish is the top ten new to me authors of 2013. 

Honestly, I am currently still trying to swim upstream with things that need to get done in 2013.  But, maybe that is just me.

This list is my break from such things (research projecting, wassail making, cookie baking and life organizing).

  1. John Green.  Fact- I only discovered him this year.  This is kind of mind blowing given how much I blather on about how much I love his books and vlog and such.  Things have to start somewhere.
  2. Stephanie Perkins.  I read Anna and the French Kiss over the winter and I was surprised to have liked it so much.  I want to check out some of her other books (partly to make sure it wasn’t a fluke J).
  3. Iain Reid.  I read his book The Truth About Luck earlier this fall and it was adorable.  I love that he writes nonfiction that feels like fiction.  I feel like I learned a lot about him, his grandma and relationships.  Plus, bonus… He is Canadian and has other books out there in the world.
  4. Veronica Roth.  Yes, I finally read the Divergent series… Well, the first two books thus far.  And they were fabulous.  I like that the books take you to another place, but that they aren’t so far in left field that they aren’t readable.
  5. Matthew Inman.  I had never read an Oatmeal comic until this year.  Now, our favourite (and only) coffee table book is How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You.  I am not sure if it really qualifies as a coffee table book, but we are just that kind of class.
  6. Stephen King.  Eep.  Crazy, I know.  I was surprised to actually love the one and only book I have read of his.  I am kind of chicken to try another… Mainly because I am a big chicken, but also because they are often classified as “scary” and I am not okay with that.
  7. Leo Tolstoy.  I have read his books before… Well, book… War and Peace and I gave up part way through.  It still reigns as one of the only books I couldn’t finish.  But, I am currently reading Anna Karenina and am loving it.
  8. Garth Stein.  After reading listening to The Art of Racing In The Rain, I am impressed with his writing skills and look forward to reading more.
  9. Mark Wallington.  Anyone who plays their ukulele at open mic nights around England is a superstar to me.  Especially if they write humorously about the antics.  I just learned he wrote other things too.  Exciting stuff.
  10. Orson Scott Card.  I was pleasantly surprised by Ender’s Game, given some of the press it has been getting.  I liked it and I liked that despite it being science fiction-eque, which often isn’t my cup of tea, I quite liked it (maybe because of the trendy dystopian flare).  I would consider reading more of his books.




Who are some of your favourite new to you authors?


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