Just like from TV… Getting an exam score, finally!

Finally, after almost two months of waiting, I got the email I had been waiting for…

I passed the LMCC2!!

I am a happy girl.

It was actually TV sitcom-esque how it went down.

We were out for “Christmas Dinner” with the Child and her husband and we decided that since it was minus 20 out, we needed ice cream for dessert (a decision any reasonable adult would make).  So, we drove across a parking lot to the local Dairy Queen because it was seriously that cold out.

In fact, it was so cold, the Child and her husband were locked out of their car because it was frozen shut.  So, he had to scurry in through the trunk while we all laughed hysterically.

But, back to my story.  We ordered and I sat down to save us a table and decided to check my email because I hadn’t done that in a few hours (oh, the annoyance of modern technology).

There it was…. An email from the medical council of Canada telling me I had a message in my inbox.

Sidebar- why do they do that!?!?  I can’t understand why the MCC people feel compelled to correspond with me in email to tell me I have a message on their own special message server.  Why can’t they just send a proper email?

Okay, end rant.

I follow the link to the website where I need to log in to get my message, which given the time of year, is likely my exam results.

It is hard to say because the email is, as I said above, useless.

The log in page.

I can’t remember my username and ID.


This is a sitcom moment.  Seriously, it was a plot line on How I Met Your Mother when Marshall can’t get in to check his bar results.  See below when he remembers the password… Finally (I am not responsible for the tacky banner across the screen on this video… Visual stuff is not key here).

They recently (by recently, I mean over the summer) changed the website format and such.  And where this isn’t exactly a site that I frequent minus exam registration, I can’t remember what they wanted me to use as a username or my password.

I tried a few permutations.  Nothing.

Then the Child pointed out that I could get locked out of my account if I mess around with it too much.  And then, I might not be able to get back in for who knows how long.

This happened to me when I was trying to get my entry pass.  I know it can happen.

So, I had to stop.

And choke down what should have been a delicious blizzard.

And drive home.

Thankfully, I have the username and password set up to automatically enter on my laptop (this is why I don’t know it, obviously).

Then, I read the message that the email told me I had.

It tells me the results are under the exams section of my account.

So, I go there and finally track it down.

Why can’t they just say pass the first time?

So cruel, so cruel.

I gave Jeter a high-five because Patrick was in the bathroom  and we danced around a bit.  Then and only then did I get to celebrate with my husband and call my parents to tell them the good news.

And so, I am done with medical council exams.  And thank goodness because they are crummy.

It feels kind of weird that I was that excited about passing an exam.  Especially one that you are supposed to pass if you are a Canadian medical grad, in theory.  But still, I know of far too many people who didn’t pass to feel complacent.  And Patrick would point out that I just roll that way… I always think it wasn’t great and I still tend to do well (he calls it experience, I call it blind faith).

Last really freaking huge exam until the Royal college in 3+ years.  Yay.

6 thoughts on “Just like from TV… Getting an exam score, finally!

    • Thanks!
      He isn’t the best paw shaker, but I do know how to get him to swat at me (without claws). So, high-fives were needed. He probably feels the dancing was not so needed.

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