Traffic, trees and tomorrow

This time of year makes me want to gouge my eyes out.

We were in the car (barely driving) to bring supper to a couple with a new baby from church for an hour and a half.  They live 20minutes or less away on any other day.

Traffic is insane and people can’t drive, especially with the snow banks and things.

To this, I say bah humbug.

That and so much for getting work on my research done tonight… Again.

But, there are good parts of this time of year… Patrick and I went to the library last week to do some homework/read books and we found this lovely creation.  I took a picture, even though taking pictures in the middle of the library makes me a weirdo.IMG_1043

Also, all I have is preparation for teaching, call tonight and work tomorrow standing between me and a glorious 6 days of vacation.  Oh boy.

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