Weekly Photo Challenge: One

This week’s Photo Challenge with the Daily Post is called “one.”

My photo selection is from our  trip to the London Zoo a while ago.  We were at the penguin exhibit (where I am irrationally excited to see them) and there was another bird in there standing apart from your typical penguins.  I liked the fact that he (?she) was different and was standing alone.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One

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  2. That’s a grey heron! What on earth was it doing in the penguin exhibit? Filching the fish? They’re a fairly common wild bird in England.

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  4. This chap (or chap-ess – how does one tell?) is a regular visitor to London Zoo and he and his fellows can be found in various London parks too, particularly St James’ Park near Buckingham Palace. Whilst fish large and small are common to most of London’s park lakes – of which there are many – and the heron are there to stalk them, London Zoo’s penguins are fed at intervals by the keepers and the heron are definitely there to filch food from their relatives. St James’ Park has a small flotilla of tame, captive pelicans and these are also fed by park staff once a day. Filching that fish attracts the herons and, indeed, a number of passing diving birds like shag and cormorants.

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