Merry Christmas To All… Yesterday

So, it is Boxing Day.

We are back now in our home after spending  the last 5 days at our childhood hometown with our families friends… Jeter inclusive and no fits this time (also, he got more gifts than some children do, I am quite certain)!

As usual, it was a very busy time… Minus the full day we were quite literally iced in.  Literally… I haven’t seen that much ice since I was 11.  It took us a full half hour to chisel our way into our car the next day.  Lots of family stuff, we actually got to see everyone we wanted to (minus team Nuc Med… sad face).

Therefore, Merry Christmas a day late.

I am so not excited to go back to work tomorrow.  Partly because I am on a consult service and won’t know any of the patients and will be on my own, partly because I am on call all weekend and New Years Eve and I just plain want to whine about it, and partly because Infectious Diseases isn’t exactly my forte.

Clearly the holidays have made me a fan of the run-on sentence.

I need to recuperate from the drive and the festivities and the cat keeping us up most of the wee hours of the morning for no good reason.

The couch is calling my name.

Merry day after Christmas to all and to all a good night.



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