Top Ten Bookish (and Blog-ish) Goals for 2014

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday with the Broke and the Bookish is my top ten bookish or blog related  (I like to say blog-ish) resolutions. 

I, in case you didn’t know, am super anti-resolution because I don’t see why one needs to make all kinds of lofty plans just because it is a new calendar year.  That being said, I also don’t see anything wrong with some reasonable goal setting.  I did it last year and it did lead to some productivity (an a lot of unmet goals).  So, I will set some new goals and draw comparisons to my old ones from 2013 as well.

  1. I have already set up my Goodreads ticker to try to read 67 books this year.  That was also my goal last year and I didn’t make it.  I got to 47.  Given how ridiculous surviving the later half of PGY1 was and all of the other things like research and having a life and such are, I feel like that was okay.  That also means I will try again this year.
  2. Last year, I set a goal to read 5 relevant journal articles from my specialty per month.  This one was an epic fail.  I have a new goal to just plain read 5 journal articles per month, including ones for whatever project or rotation I am working on.  Still learning, but more feasible.
  3. Read all of the books I have yet to read on my own shelves (and on the Child’s shelves).  Sounds simple.  I did a decent job of catching up on my TBR list last year, but it just gets longer and longer.
  4. Read some “useful” non-fiction.  Realistically, I read a ton of non-fiction… All of those medical textbooks for work.  But, I want to read some other stuff.  With our Christmas Chapter’s money, Patrick and I bought a couple Christian living/marriage books.  I feel like they are a good place to start.  But also things like biographies, information about non-medical (or medical) history, discoveries or events.  Even practical things would be nice.
  5. Regular Bible reading.  I said I wanted to do that last year and it was a big struggle.  It is important, so I want to keep working at it.
  6. Read a variety of genres.  This seems easy because I like a variety of genres, however it is easy to get in a rut.  And, I was pleasantly surprised last year by a few books that I wouldn’t have naturally chosen, like Ender’s Game, 11/22/63 and Anna and the French Kiss.  I know I can probably be surprised again.
  7. Use my Kindle.  Patrick got me a Kindle for my birthday and although I have mixed feelings about the concept of an e-reader, I quite like it.  The problem is that I still tend to be drawn to paper books and keep buying them.  The e-reader is so convenient, I really need to embrace it more.  Particularly when it comes to travel and such.
  8. Keep blogging.  I was posting daily but have slowed down on that partly because I felt like I didn’t have much to say, partly because I had less time and partly because of other priorities.  I still love blogging, but it is a challenge to do sometimes.  I want to keep it up, maybe not as regularly, but with some consistency.
  9. Be a social blogger.  I am not really a social anything.  I used to read and follow a ton of blogs, but have cut back because I haven’t had time to seek out new things or read that much online.  I’d like to get back to doin that a bit more.
  10. Writing of the non-blog-related kind is important too… Not that I am writing a novel or anything, but I do want to submit my current research for publication at some point in the next year and maybe a case report or something.  That all requires writing time too.

What are your blog and bookish related goals for the year?

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish (and Blog-ish) Goals for 2014

  1. I pretty much have the same philosophy as you when it comes to goals.

    The #1 thing that motivates me to use my e-reader is when I find out there’s a good deal on an e-book I’ve been eyeing. That, more than anything, forces me to buy e-books and use my Nook!

    • That is a good system for the e-reader. I need to pay more attention to those bargains. I am a big fan of the free classic books that are offered for e-readers. They keep me from buying too many, plus get me using it more.

  2. As an anti-resolution person I chose the one-word theme for this year. Don’t know if you’ve read “One Word That Will Change Your Life” but it’s perfect for us “anti-resolution” folks. 🙂

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