Abstracts and Olives

Today was an exciting day for me.

Image from betinamanagement.blogspot.com.

I don’t think most other people would find it quite as exciting, but I take what I can get.

For starters, I finally submitted my research abstract to present at a psychosocial oncology conference in the Spring.  Good thing because they are due tomorrow.  But also good because that means my project is mostly done… Minus manuscript and post-hoc test doing.

Another check mark off the residency have-to-do list.

I just have to wait to see if it is accepted.  I hate waiting and wondering.

I really don’t like rejection.

But, at least it is done and now I can start hammering out the manuscript (I feel like I have things backwards) and my presentation for Research Day in a few months.

I have to start working on my next project soon, though.  The fun never ends.

In other exciting news today, Patrick bought me a Greek salad for lunch yesterday while he was picking up our food contribution for D-Group last night.  The whole lunch thing was pretty exciting, but what really took the cake is that said salad contains black olives.

Image from ilida.gr

I don’t like black olives.

But, I didn’t have salad dressing and the lettuce that had touched olive tasted better.  I accidentally ate an olive in my pursuit of flavourful lettuce (I blame working on questions for teaching tomorrow while eating on this error).

It was delicious.

Image from hanniebrithen.com

I became quite confused.  I mean, I love green olives, but I hate black olives.  I hate black olives on my pizza, so I guess I thought I didn’t like any black olives.  But this was good.  Really good.

I ate another.

I ended up eating all of the olives.

I am puzzled by this discovery.

Image from fanpop.com.

I feel like I need to test this whole black olives being delicious hypothesis next time we go out to eat.

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