The Joy of Renting


We had some horrendous wind and rain, which led to some sleep deprivation in the M household last night.

Why gratitude, you ask?  I’ll tell you…

When your barbecue cover somehow flies off into oblivion (despite it being bungee corded to both the deck and the BBQ), but your husband notices and rescues the barbecue of the balcony before it projectiles off as well.

When a chunk of your living room ceiling (that has never leaked before) caves in sometime in the wee hours of the morning, but does not hit your TV, other electronics or wedding photos. Also, that your husband is awake to clean up said chunk and the water that fell with it, put down buckets and call the rental office (who are coming today to survey the damage and do some repairs because apparently we aren’t the only ones who had that happen last night).

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When the window you swore was leaking last year during one storm, but then the maintenance person came and looked at it and said it was fine and it never seemed to cause a problem again (until now) starts dripping like a sieve, but you have enough towels to sop it up and the landlord is conveniently already coming in the morning to tend to our other leak.

When you realize that all of this went down in one night and probably won’t again until the next storm where the wind and rain blow just right.  At least you hope so.  Preferably, you hope it never happens again.

When you realize a 330 in the morning all of these things happened and you slept through them because your husband is a superhero night-hawk.

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When, at 330 in the morning, you and your husband can laugh about the fact, that we have never had problems with our apartment except for a broken drawer until RIGHT NOW.

When, at 330 in the morning, you and your husband realize that although we need to clean up the mess and protect the place from further damage, we are not responsible to fix it because that, my friends, is the beauty of renting.  And with that, we high-fived our prolonged schooling and general lack of funds to own a house with its added responsibility.

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When you see that it is kind of funny that I need to go drop off my signed lease sometime this week.

When you realize you have a home with heat that is mostly dry and things to protect and all of the things that many people don’t have.

8 thoughts on “The Joy of Renting

  1. I’m with you on this post! I hate renting and can’t wait for the day when we buy our first home. But it’s things like you mentioned plus the roof leaks, building issues etc that we’ve been through that makes me feel some relief. Thanks for linking up with medical Mondays!

    • It is true. We can’t wait to get our first home, but at the same time, particularly at this time in our lives, it is nice having the back-up that comes with renting.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I too was glad to be a renter last week when our front windows started leaking! Had to feel bad for the landlord though…ours was his 4th problem, in addition to a car that wouldn’t start, frozen pipes at his house and no heat at his restaurant!

  3. I love how you did this list! It was shown to me by Cyn from – she joins me each weekend in a Ten Things of Thankful blog hop, hosted at my blog, Considerings, and we LOVE reading about (and getting a glorious boost from) people’s lists of gratitude for that week.

    The point of the hop is to help us focus on the Good things in life, and to begin subverting the negatives which are oh-so-easy to zone in on. The way you did this is *precisely* in that kind of spirit, and I LOVE how, not only have you found something really Good in each calamity, but you made it funny. Even though I daresay it wasn’t funny to live at the time!

    Whether or not you fancy joining us tomorrow and linking this up, I just wanted to say how brilliant I think this is. And how much I hope that your house gets put right before any more storms hit you. So glad that the damage wasn’t worse for you.

    And your husband – DEFINITELY a keeper 🙂

    • That is an awesome idea for a blog hop! I will most definitely check it out one of these weekends and try to do a few! Gratitude is so important and I agree that it is a huge boost to read about other people’s gratitude.
      I am glad you enjoyed reading it and, although it was a small calamity, it is good to laugh about the situation (even though we still have a hole in our ceiling almost a week later).
      🙂 And yes, he is indeed a keeper!

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