Last-day-of-rotation-Tuesday Tuesday

It is Top Ten Tuesday day, but given that I can’t even keep up with the books released years ago and the list is the top ten 2014 releases I am looking forward to, I feel that it is pointless to try to do it.

So, I present to you last-day-of-rotation-Tuesday Tuesday.

Yes, I feel like the two Tuesdays in the title are necessary.

What that means, I don’t know.

I will, however say that these past four weeks, I have learned that I can learn about Infectious Diseases.  The learning curve is huge and that is pretty cool.

Also, I realized this week that it wasn’t me lecturing my husband about the importance of the flu shot, me telling him that we have a few people I was following on ID with the flu or even the TV reports of deaths from the flu in another province to convince him to get a flu shot.  It was… Drumroll please… His barber.  True story.  There is a man chopping hair who is doing his part to promote public health.  That is awesome.

Seriously, he went to get a haircut and got a flu shot that I have been semi-nagging about for months on the way home.  Pretty awesome.  Now if only I can get him to make an appointment with our doctor to get his TDaP and MMR updated.  If only.

I also learned last week that (disgusting fact) tampons cause toxic shock syndrome by acting as a physiologic abscess.  ICK.  Thank goodness they sorted out which materials promoted bacterial growth and that high absorbency tampons were the main culprits back in the 80s before I really considered this an important issue.

Oh, and that toxic shock syndrome can occur not in women and not in tampon use.  Okay, I did know that, but I never really thought about it that much or considered it as a high level differential until this rotation.

On to Neurology tomorrow.  Yet another rotation that makes me nervous due to my sheer ignorance.  I can do brain tumours.  Everything else is going to be a bit sketchy until I can read and see a few cases.  Thank goodness for lots of references, good staff and basic medical knowledge.

I had a friend in med school who was awesome at neuro… So awesome that she plans to do it for a living one day. I wish she was here to tell me what to do.

I sense another giant learning curve about to start.

Only 6 off-service rotations to go…

4 thoughts on “Last-day-of-rotation-Tuesday Tuesday

    • It is a lot random. At my med school changeover days were Mondays.
      But this place does changeover very differently. The notion is that if people go to a new service on Wednesday, the team that was used to the patients and service dealt with issues from the weekend and can give adequate and better handover than if there was a switchover after the weekend. Also, it differs based on year. So, the second year and above residents changeover to start new rotations Wednesday morning with their last day being Tuesday. The first year residents switch at noon on Wednesday so that there is someone on the team who knows people on changeover days. There are pros and cons to this system.

  1. The change over schedule is very interesting and shows a good point. Trying to keep someone on service that knows something about the patients. I am getting ready to start an ID rotation in 2 weeks. I think it will be challenging and fun.

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