Mama said there’d be calls like this…

Just a warning: I whine in this post.  A lot.

Today was just one of those call days where I was being pulled in 10 different directions at once.

This, after being stuck over two hours (until almost 11)  after my call shift was done Saturday morning when I should have been done at 8:30 because of a 7am consult that took longer than it should have.

I guess it was one of those call weekends.  And such seems to be my luck whenever I have Friday/Sunday call.  Although, theoretically I like the Friday/Sunday better or at least as much as Saturday.

My “home call” adventure had me stuck in the hospital from 8:30 until 6:30.  I didn’t eat, didn’t pee and didn’t even get to finish my morning coffee.  Yuck.

The day’s adventures included being physically threatened by a patient, helping to gather someone off the floor and being barraged repeatedly by a demanding family, plus the usual rounding, emerg consulting and phone answering.

But, at least the home call came to fruition when I got to leave at that point and Patrick got me McDonald’s and flowers as a consolation prize.  And now I am home.  And I am glad that I am not on in-house call where I would be stuck at the hospital and likely even busier than I was today.

I have mixed feelings about this.

Part of me just wants to stay home.   That is the reasonable part of me that is grateful that home call is awesome. But, then I know that means I have to work all week like normal people and that I will be tired tomorrow after the weekend and that isn’t so awesome.

Another part of me wants to get called in, so that I can be in hospital after midnight and potentially be one of those people who capitalize on post-call days.  But then, I will be tired and sleep most of the post-call day (which is what they were for, but I still always dream of being productive or useful on those days).

Either way, I am still glad that it is home call because that means it is theoretically a less busy call with potential sleep in my own bed.  I prefer that over up all night, in-hospital stuff any day.  I just want to whine a little because my weekend was yucky because I was too post call sleepy to enjoy a Saturday off, worked all day today and will be back at it tomorrow sleepy again from a busy weekend.

I also need to remember that busy days aren’t that unusual.  They just seem more nasty when you are on your own and when it is the weekend.

Such is life, though.  And that is how you learn.

I am just glad my time management and medical knowledge is a bit better this year than it was last year or I still wouldn’t be done.

I chose this career.  I need to take the good with the bad, just like everyone else.  It is just sometimes, I look at the bad and wonder why I just don’t quit and pick up a nice regular hours day job (Patrick reminded me that I can’t do that because we would never be able to pay back all my loans or make rent if I quit now).

I’m just glad there is generally more good than bad.

I also wish I could clone myself.  That would simplify things.



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