The CaRMS Season Begins Again

It is that time of year again.

It is CaRMS season, which means the time when all kinds of half terrified fourth year medical students circumnavigate this fine country of ours in the search of a residency position.  And that means interviews, dinners, travel and tons of indecision/contemplation.  At least that is what it meant for me.

Today was my program’s interview day and tonight is our meet and greet dinner for the candidates.  I am a bit excited to meet the people this year and eventually find out who will be our new office buddy starting in July.

Funny thing is, I am a bit nervous to meet them.  I want them to like us.  But really, it only matters that the one person we acquire likes us in the end.  And, as I said on the CaRMS tour, like attracts like and the applicants will tend towards the same level of super cool radiation oncology people as the people already in my program do.

It seems crazy that I blogged my across Canada Rad Onc tour of CaRMS awesomeness two whole years ago, now.

I am sure somebody will stumble upon this page looking for interview survival tips or something.    I suppose I will share a few.

  1. Go to your interview and dinner.  I am not on the selections committee, but I find it kind of offputting if you don’t even make an effort to at least show your face to the interview.  I get that sometimes circumstances make people unable to travel and need phone interviews, but showing up shows interest.  How can you decide to move somewhere if you have never been there?  Just saying.
  2. Capitalize on the free food, offers for free drives and all that good stuff.  All the travel if you are doing a bunch of interviews gets expensive.
  3. Try to actually see some of the cities you visit, even if just for an hour or two.  It makes the trip more fun and it helps to make you really get a picture of what living there could be like.
  4. Keep a list of the good and bad points of the program and city after the interview.  They all can start to jumble together.  Plus, it is easier to have a discussion or pro-con list making event with your significant other, friend, cat or self if you actually have your initial impressions to look back on.
  5. Get to know the other people on the tour with you.  Odds are most of them are just as “cool” as you and just as scared as you too.  They will be your colleagues one day.  Plus, it is nice to have partners in crime on the adventure that is traveling from place to place.  You can carpool, explore and get lost as a team.


I am glad that I am done with this stuff.  Okay, so realistically I still have fellowship applications and/or job applications to go, but the actual insanity that is CaRMS is over. 

Good luck to everyone CaRMS-ing out there.  And feel free to ask me questions if you have any you think I might be able to answer.

Please, share your thoughts!

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