On Blogging As A Resident

I can’t believe that it is the first Monday of the month again.  This last month feels like a blur and that is despite the fact that I have been on two of my least favourite rotations of residency (but not my least favourite because gen surg and cardiology will always be worse).

Regardless, it is Medical Monday and thus time for a link-up with other medically minded blogs.  Click the link-image thing below to see more.

Today is one of those days that I really don’t feel like blogging.

Everyone has days like that I am sure, but it made me think about what I think about being someone who blogs about all things life and medical.

First of all, time is an issue.  I mean, I work generally anywhere from 8-12 hours daily plus call.  Then, we are supposed to study and, you know, have a life and do research and such.  So, blogging is a scheduled in wind down activity for me most days… Usually I do it while watching TV with the husband (while he micromanages his basketball pool or catches up on the last 24 hours in sports).

Then there is the whole what to write about or not write about.  I very intentionally choose to not write about something immediately after it happens so I can think of ways to appropriately change details and keep things confidential and appropriate.  Some days I just want to write about situation X, but I know if I don’t process things properly, I could potentially say something I shouldn’t and so those posts get held on to until things are okay.

On the same coin, I don’t directly disclose my full name, nor our exact location (although I am sure some people have figured it out.. And no, that was not a challenge) or the names of our friends or family.  I do know that it is possible to figure out, so I avoid certain topics like very specific hospital politics etcetera.

I have been trying to keep a balance of being up front about things but keeping things at a place where I wouldn’t want to die (and wouldn’t get fired) if someone I knew from work or my family or wherever read this (and people I know do read this).

I have been trying to keep writing original things and thoughts and reflections, but also trying to build community (and having great fun) doing blog hops and list making and such.  I find it tough to balance those with my other writing.  Maybe because in a way formatted prompts are easier, but take time too.

That being said, there are things I would like to write about.   I feel like it took some time before I was comfortable addressing certain topics before, like faith or interviews or family stuff… I would like to be more transparent about some issues and struggles and the worry is that I might offend someone or surprise someone close to me or that it will shock someone or cause some sort of trouble I don’t want.  I guess that is life writing something on the internet.  Those are things I need to sort through.

The goal is to keep writing because I enjoy it.  And it makes me process and learn and grow  And I feel like it is an interesting medium to get through to people and share with people on a bunch of levels.  I get to share my faith.  I get to share my work.  I get to help people and I get help from people.  It is a two way street and that is part of what makes it so cool.

The competitive streak in me wonders if I write about the wrong things… If my stuff isn’t interesting enough.  If I don’t get enough views or that I don’t write well enough to “go viral” so to speak.   But really, that isn’t what it is all about.  And I would probably panic if something I wrote was that popular.  True story.

Really, I write for writing’s sake.  And for the communication aspect.  I want people to know that residents are people too, that medicine isn’t all bad, that marriage is good, Jesus is awesome and everyone needs to read and listen to music more.

So, on that note…

Are there things that people would want to read about as people who read my blog?  Is there something you want to hear me rant on or reflect on or share? 


12 thoughts on “On Blogging As A Resident

  1. I think we all go through this now and then. My best and funniest stories would hurt feelings so how can I keep the concept but change it enough not to do that. Some stories don’t read well watered down. I had a friend who always said she didn’t have time to read my blog. One day her husband put a comment on a post so you can never depend on friends not reading it. I enjoy your blog. It’s a non-sex, no-drama version of Grey’s Anatomy in a sense.

    • “Some stories don’t read well watered down.” This is true. But, I’m with you, I would never want to take the chance that someone would read it and be hurt or that I would breach their privacy.
      That is too funny about your friend. I have a couple friends I can totally see a similar thing happening with.
      Glad you like my blog. I could use your description as my new tag line. 🙂

  2. I love your blog… It’s one of my favorites! Sometimes emails pop up alerting me that a blogger I follow has published a new post. But sometimes I just don’t care to always read them right away. Not true with yours. Everytime I see that you have written a post, I think, “Oh, yea, Trisha has written another post! I always read it right then. Your blog gives me an inside look at what life is truly like for a medical resident. I’m interested in medicine so it’s very educational!

    • Awe, thanks. That is super nice to hear.
      I always do the same with yours as well. Except I don’t get emails notifying me of anyone’s new posts because I came to the realization early on that I stopped getting work done when that happened.

  3. Those are many of the same things I struggle with! It is hard to keep going sometimes, but I always am glad that I did. Thanks for linking up with MM. Every time I read your header “At least we made it this far” I think how true that is for me everyday!

    • I am glad I’m not the only one who struggles with this. “At least we made it this far” is so true for me everyday, as well, that is why it made the header. We always say that to eachother when days get rough.
      Thanks for stopping by, as always!

  4. I don’t know how you find time to sit down and write – it’s a struggle for me too! But glad that you do 🙂 Thanks for linking up to Medical Mondays…looking forward to reading along!

    • Some days, I probably shouldn’t find time to sit down and write, but find time to do something else, like work on my research project. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Finding the balance in blogging is so tough. For the first year, I felt I had to post everyday. And, in all honesty, it wasn’t that difficult. I had the time and I was writing about everything for the first time. Now, sometimes, I find myself writing and realize I’ve already written on the topic. It’s the same med life story over and over again. It has become more challenging and I find myself giving it (probably) more thought than I should. We should write for ourselves, right?? 🙂 Thanks for linking up!!!

    • I used to post everyday, as well. At first, it was pretty easy, because, like you said, I was writing about everything for the first time. Now, I try to post 3-5 days of the week and I find it more manageable because, again, like you, it now takes more thought. I think thinking more is a good thing, so long as it doesn’t take away from other important things.

  6. Yep I’m with you. Sometimes blogging feels like a chore or homework assignment. Usually I just take some time away and then the mood will strike again to start writing and it’s so much better that way. Hi from medical Mondays 🙂

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