Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

I wouldn’t say I am against the selfies, but I do kind of feel driven crazy by the number of people who take pictures of themselves with duck faces or tight clothes (or few clothes for that matter) or kissing their significant others.  There is a time and place for the selfie.  I feel judicious usage of self photo taking is a good thing.

This week’s photo challenge with the Daily Post is called “Selfie” and asks people to share a selfie.

Today was a good day.  I went for a run, we had a big brunch, volunteered at the nursing home with our small group, then Patrick and I went for a walk on a very snowy beach and I finally received a giant box of textbooks I was awaiting.

In the end, I took a couple selfies (way more than I would usually take) with my phone with the thought that this was the challenge this week.

The first is from the beach.  We froze our faces off, but it was nice to be near the ocean and the sun was bright (as you can see from the bad glare in the photo).  Skipped a couple rocks, walked for 5 minutes, then hopped back in the car to warm up again.IMG_1066

The second is from when I finally opened my textbook shipment.  A giant book of general oncology that I wish I bought before my Med Onc rotation, a contouring/technique book that will be useful once I finally start doing real Rad Onc and an anatomy text book (my anatomy book from med school was stolen the same summer Patrick and I got married and I never bothered to get a new one, however Rad Onc is very, very anatomy oriented, so I need to brush up on that stuff).IMG_1072

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