Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Reader

For as long as I can remember, I was a “reader.”  Even before I could read, I loved to make up stories to pictures in books and have people read to me.

This week’s top ten Tuesday with the Broke and the Bookish asks for the top ten reasons I love being a reader.

  1. Books are much more portable than TV or games.  With today’s smart phone era, this is less of an issue, but as a kid and still now, it is much easier for me to crack out a book during a long wait or car ride than it is for someone to try to watch TV or play games.
  2. Being a reader gives me more perspective about different parts of the world and people than I would have just from life experience alone.
  3. I am a faster reader.  Because I was a reader forever and a day, I have learned to read well.  That means, I get to read textbooks, journal articles and other information efficiently, which helps very much with day to day life.
  4. Books help me connect with people.  One of my favourite small talk items (after the cliché weather) is about the book I saw someone reading or something I saw in the paper they were looking at.
  5. Being a reader keeps me from being bored.  I can read almost anything… Even a terrible magazine is better than staring into space.  Reading kills time and is endlessly entertaining (for the most part).
  6. I have a better vice than a lot of other things.  Reading has no direct health consequences, it can cost very little (if only I capitalized on the library more than I actually do) and it is good for the mind.
  7. Books are fun to look at.  This is the piece of me that still doesn’t love my ereader as much as I think I should given its convenience.  I love looking at my shelves of books or to-read heap.  It makes me feel wise.
  8. Being a reader is useful.  Lots of knowledge comes from it.  And with knowledge comes a thirst for more knowledge (and repeat…).
  9. Being a reader is a good get away.  People don’t tend to bother you much when they see you reading (this is not universally true).  Also, I tend to not bother myself as much (with worries, etc) when I am reading (also not universally true).
  10. Reading helps me write.  I feel like it gives me material when it comes to book blogging, but also life.  It helped me to develop a style and perspective that is my own both for fun (like here) and professionally.

What are some reasons you like being a reader?  Or, if you aren’t a reader, why not?


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Reader

  1. Great list…. especially #7. Still not sure I could ever get into an e-reader. I know they have their advantages but…. there’s just nothing like holding a book in your hands and turning those pages. And smelling the pages. And like you, I like looking at bookshelves. .

    • I didn’t think I could get into an e-reader either, but I do like that it is lighter than carrying around several books and that it lights up, so I can read in the dark in the car.
      Mmmm… Book smell.

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