Licked ham and other realizations

The cat licked our ham today.

I turned my back for 5 seconds to grab some water to put at the bottom of the pan and he licked it.  And stared at me spitefully while doing it.

Confession… I put the ham in the oven… It is baking for the next few hours anyway, that should kill anything living on it, right?

Snowbanks make the stores look busier because they take up so many parking spots.

The only Saturdays I seem to have to get groceries (because I didn’t go another day that week) are always the tax free days when the stores are filled with crazies looking for a bargain.

The cat only plays with yarn when I try to knit with it.IMG_1091

The cat knocked my toothbrush into his litter box the other day.  He also knocked my hairbrush in.  Funny how one brush gets washed off and reused and the other warrants a special trip to the pharmacy on the way home from work.

Patrick when skiing today.  Well, I guess it turned out to be snowboarding.  Either way, I have had the house and car to myself all day.  I said I would use the time to work on my research.  So far that is about the only thing I haven’t done.

As pumped I am about Canada’s men’s hockey team being in the gold medal game (and going for the double-double, ha ha), I am crushed that the game fall on a Sunday morning.  I am having to deal with a strange pull to both watch the game and go to church.  Clearly, one needs to be rescheduled.

I finished this mug cozie the other day and am strangely proud of it.IMG_1106

Time goes slower when you are waiting for something to happen.  I swear it should be a law of physics, not just a perception.

My pager started making weird noises today in the car.  Turns out the battery is dying.  I nearly had a stroke because I thought somehow I was being paged despite being signed out.  Did I mention I hate that thing?

I forgot to pick up a smaller needle to give my Mother-in-law her second Twinrix shot tomorrow.  I guess she will continue to think I am a butcher.  Drug companies must get bargains on larger bore needles.  Because they, in my opinion, are just plain mean.

Image from

I am going to present my research at a national conference later this Spring.  Conference and flights are booked.   I have yet to make the presentation or book my hotel.   Is it weird that my biggest concern at this point is what to wear?

Drinking water out of a cup with a straw feels more satisfying than just drinking from a  glass.

Time to fold laundry… And then, maybe get some research work done… Maybe.

6 thoughts on “Licked ham and other realizations

    • No, they didn’t. We keep checking our email just in case. We tried to sell the pastor on it, but he is worried that visitors might show up and be confused when nobody is there.

  1. I can’t take credit for this as I saw it on Twitter but…
    Dear Canada,
    Let’s play football.
    Signed, the USA

    I’m sure the cat’s germs will come out in the oven… I’m a germaphobe and I would have done the same thing! And the toothbrush in the litter box… yikes!

    • Ha ha ha! I don’t understand a thing about football. I don’t even know if I would watch a Canada-US football game. Although there are some good football people here, I doubt they would stand up.
      The ham tasted good and we didn’t get sick, so I am telling myself it is all good. He is still trying to thief the leftovers.

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