My Secret Hiding Place

Tomorrow is my last day of Radiology and the start to a week of glorious, glorious vacation.  I’m kind of excited because that means I finally get to stop asking people if it is okay if I watch them do their jobs.  Plus, we are going to New York, so everything has to be awesome.

It is hard to find someone to watch do their job.  Especially when there are at least 4 other elective students floating around.  I have counted.

On Tuesday, I tried to go to two other places before I realized where I could go actually learn stuff… PET/CT.  The secret world of diagnostic imaging.

First of all PET is awesome because it falls under the Nuc Med umbrella and thus is totally within my comfort zone.  Plus, it is one of the most modern imaging techniques on the go clinically, particularly in cancer care.

Most importantly, nobody else really knows about PET/CT.

It really is sad that they don’t.  I think most assume they get to see it if they go to do some Nuc Med or CT.  I don’t know.  It doesn’t come up a whole lot outside of oncology, so I get that not all people know about it.

But, to add to it, PET/CT isn’t included on the list of places we can have ticked off on our signature sheet.  I write it in.

And the scanner isn’t by the rest of the radiology department.  And it is behind a coded door, so you have to ring to get in.  And they don’t do PET scans every day.

I like that it is so mysterious because it is the one place I know there won’t be another learner in when I am on the prowl for work and having little luck.

I go down there and get let in and ask the radiologist if I can hang out and watch him read a few scans.  He says yes, but the first one won’t be done for an hour, so I can come back then, if I want.

If I want?  Of course I want.

I come to find out that I am one of the only elective students he has seen wander down there.

I tell him that PET/CT is my secret place when all the students are everywhere else.  That it isn’t on the list.  He tells me to keep it my little secret.  That way he can continue to have peace and quiet (and get other work done).

I like that I have my secret hiding place option.  It feels so stealthy and spy like.

6 thoughts on “My Secret Hiding Place

  1. Haha I can definitely relate – it gets frustrating when there are a bunch of learners around, and observing sucks, plain and simple. Enjoy the PET/CT during the rest of your rotation. And have fun in NYC!!! One of my favourite cities.

    • I think I had this illusion that once I was a resident, that problem would go away. And it did, for the most part until the last two rotations.
      We are so excited for NYC. I have not been there yet, but everyone tells me it is going to be fantastic.

    • It was wonderful. Vacation is always a nice change of pace (even though I felt like I needed a vacation to recover from my vacation).
      Thanks for visiting!

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