Facing My (Irrational) Fear… The Apple Store

Image from buyric.com.

The Apple Store also scares me.  I have never been in, but it looks too crowded and futuristic (like it came straight out of The Capitol) for my liking.  There are so many staff that you just have to interact with one.  And all kinds of people are just taking up space playing with stuff they can’t afford or don’t need.   I guess I should note that I bought my laptop online because this was before the era that you could just buy a Mac at Staples and there was clearly no Apple Store where I went to med school.

My laptop decided to not turn on while my charger light flashed orange (not my favourite colour in this instance) this morning.  I tried it in several outlets and still nothing.  So, I used my phone to google the problem.  I tried several possible “at home solutions” with no results.  Fail.

I check out the Apple Store website and they prompt me to make an appointment  at the Genius Bar.

Image from apple.com.

Really?  Genius Bar?

This is going to come off as harsh, but something tells me that although people working there might be tech savvy, genius may not be the best title.  But, relative to the rest of the world, maybe it is.

I wander in (probably looking terrified).  I get directed to the Genius Bar at the back and told to sit on a stool cramped between a mother and daughter getting the kid’s iPod touch fixed and a girl who spilled a can of pop on her laptop.

I notice that the Genius Bar geniuses are using iPads to direct much of what they do.  I could fix most people’s electronics if I had an iPad tell me all the secrets of what to do without fear of voiding the warrantee.   I clearly was feeling a bit conspiracy theory-ish.  There were obviously some people who worked there who were the more techy go-tos when things were really broken.

I sit at a ridiculously crowded “bar” and some guy tries plugging my laptop into their power source… Fail.  Then, resetting it… Fail.  I knew that.  I already tried those things at home because that is what the Apple help page told me to do.  Don’t people check those things first?   He then takes it out back, takes the back off and unplugs then reattaches the battery.  Presto chango.  He fixed my laptop.  That simple.  If only I would get at the battery without dismantling my computer.  I love Apple products, but really can’t you make it so that I don’t have to go in there?

I am excited to say that I survived my Apple store experience.  And that they were nice.  But it was way too crowded (you can’t tell me that many people buy or need all that stuff on a daily basis).  I will go back, though if something is dysfunctional.  Maybe I don’t have to try for weeks to fix my own stuff (like I did with my phone with the syncing problems… But, it did eventually work after a few week’s worth of reading and tinkering).

The place still gives me a bit of the heebie jeebies, though.

12 thoughts on “Facing My (Irrational) Fear… The Apple Store

  1. Trisha, I don’t and have never owned an Apple. My first reason is I am stuck on Windows and getting to old to have to learn a whole new pc system. I have a Dell with Windows 8.1. I love it. Dell doesn’t have a “Genius Bar” but through my issues last year I got to know every tech dude in India. Anyway, the best advice they gave me was to buy a program that repairs almost everything right on the laptop itself. I don’t know what Apple’s is called but I am sure you can find one. Mine is through Dell called System Mechanics and it is the best 100$ I ever spent.

    • Haha…
      I love my Mac and this is the first time in 3 years I have had any sort of problem with it, which sure beats my previous PCs. That being said, I do like the new Windows.
      The Genius Bar was daunting, but I was glad to not get stuck on a million customer service lines or have to send it away.

  2. I totally feel the same way about the Apple store! I almost break out into a slight nervous sweat when I enter the store. It just feels like so much $$ being spent on very expensive things. I love Apple products…but the store makes me feel guilty.

  3. Haha this is why I married an Apple Technician. No need to ever go in a store myself. 😉
    Okay well maybe that isnt why I married him. But its a bonus.lol. Glad they were able to fix your conputer. 🙂

  4. Haha, amazing. It’s definitely an overwhelming store, if not just for the hoardes of people in there playing with the devices. Also, I hate talking to store employees unless I have to, so I don’t like the sheer number of them in the Apple Store either. Then again, I guess it’s handy when you actually do need some help!

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