Hooray, it is going away on vacation day!

It is going away on vacation day.


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Yes, internet world, Patrick and I are disappearing for our first trip to New York City.

Okay, I drove through part of it once in a minivan with a rooftop carrier on our way to a conference in Washington, but this is my first legitimate time.

But seriously, this has been one of our must-see places since before we got married.  And, thanks to a little air travel mishap, we are flying there for free!  We are seeing plays and going to museums and taking subways (I LOVE subways) and eating tons of food.

I will not be working on research or presentations or reading work books or studying.

As a result, this page will likely be post free for the week, but I will probably then be quite irritating in telling you everything you didn’t need or want to know about the trip.  Sorry internet world.

For those of you who are internet stalkers and now think you are going to come rob us, don’t.  Jeter is home and he bites.  And he has replacement minions.  Plus, we pretty much only have books and a TV.  Not worth the effort of breaking into our secure building.  And if you do manage to pull it off, I am actually kind of impressed that you figured out where we live and how to get in without getting caught.  Just saying.

For those of you who have been to New York and have recommendations of things to do or places to see, let me know, I will still be checking comments.

15 thoughts on “Hooray, it is going away on vacation day!

  1. NYC is so big and full of stuff it’s hard to recommend anything without knowing what you enjoy. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is awesome. I could spend a week there.

  2. Ha ha, I love your warning to the Internet thieves! Have a fabulous time!

    Hands-down, you have to go to a Broadway show (if you’re into that sort of thing even in the slightest). Depending on the show, sometimes you can get tickets the day off at a place for a discounted price… unfortunately I can’t remember the exact details of this because I did it like 7 years ago, but I’m sure if you Google you can figure it out.

    Go to Little Italy at least once for dinner (again, if you like Italian). So yummy! Stores in Times Square are also fun, like Toys R Us and the M&M store. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

    • Thanks! We did have a great time!

      We went to two Broadway shows… Wicked and Aladdin (we bought the tickets months ago, haha).

      We went to Little Italy for dinner and it was delicious. We interestingly stopped in China Town on the way back to the subway for bubble tea. It was our “multicultural evening.”

      Times Square was overwhelming. We walked by the Toys R Us and M&M store, but didn’t go in. We did go to Macy’s, though.

      • I actually haven’t been to Macy’s, which is unfortunate because I heard they have an entire floor of SHOES! Whaaaaat?! And I didn’t even know Aladdin was a Broadway show now! Anyhow, glad you had fun!

      • They do have an entire floor of shoes. It blew my mind.

        And yes, Aladdin is a new show. It doesn’t officially open until the 20th.

  3. Have fun! NYC is my favourite city in the world, and I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding awesome things to do. If you’re into it, I’d definitely catch a show, and I usually rely on Yelp for great restaurant suggestions. Also check out The Comedy Cellar if you think you’d enjoy a comedy club!

    • There were so, so many awesome things to do! We went to a couple shows and ate some delicious food.
      I saw some advertising for The Comedy Cellar, although we didn’t make it there.

  4. Yeah for New York City. I really enjoyed seeing the New York Public Library and Bryant Park. Plus, all the amazing places to eat, especially the pizza. I hope you enjoy your visit.

    • The visit was great, as was the pizza!
      Oh, the public library! I wanted to go there, but didn’t get a chance. I always like to check out libraries and universities in cities I visit.

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