Trip En Revue

We’re baaaaaaccckkk.

Yes, Patrick and I have returned in one piece from our adventures in New York.  While we were gone, Jeter played countless games of “greased up pig” with the Child and D.  It appears he also kept the thieves away.

Our trip was awesome.

It was just the break we needed.

Sure, giant city stresses me out.  And yes all the lights, chaos and noise intermittently made me want to flap, but overall, it was awesome.  And not just because we got to watch “Full House” almost every night in our hotel room.

We packed a ton into the four and a bit days we were in the city.  A ton.  It helps that we bought tickets in advance for shows and got a New York pass, which saved us $100 alone.

We saw two musicals… Wicked and Aladdin.  Both were awesome, although Wicked was my favourite.IMG_4941

We went on a boat tour around the islands.  It was cold.  I insisted on staying outside until my hands went numb.  Literally.  I didn’t get warm for hours.IMG_4663

We went to 5 different museums (if you count Yankee stadium tours as a museum of sorts).  My favourite was that I finally got to see Body Works after trying to see it at least three other times and just missing it (the guilt of dragging Patrick to see Body Works was the reason we then ended up both going on the Yankee stadium tour where I was a way worse sport than he was).IMG_4729

We went to Top of The Rock at night, which was beautiful.IMG_4780

We wandered around Central Park.IMG_4841 IMG_4877

We wandered around DUMBO (which, in case you wanted to know is totally where I want to live if I have to live in New York).  The book stores were enough to keep me there, but coffee shops, restaurants and proximity to the water also helped.IMG_4995 IMG_4998

We ate Italian  in Little Italy and the same night got bubble tea and wandered the markets (mmm… fresh produce) in Chinatown. We had New York pizza legitimately.  We went to a gourmet cookie shop and had whoopee pies.  There was sushi and coffee and several American chains that fascinate us both.  Mmm… Food.IMG_5026

Just writing about it makes me feel tired.

Good trip.



12 thoughts on “Trip En Revue

  1. Sounds like you had a great trip and a great time! Body Worlds is so awesome. We saw it when it was here several years ago. Drug our two sons to it and it was quite the educational trip.

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip! And mmmm… food indeed! Eating food I normally don’t at home is one of my favorite parts of going to new places!

  3. Sounds like a busy trip! That happens to me every time I visit NYC. There’s always so much to do & see that you have to cram in as much as possible.

    Awesome that you were able to catch BodyWorks! I saw it in Hungary several years ago and it was fascinating.

    • It was all about the cramming. That is the problem with vacationing in a place with tons to do.
      For some reason, in my head BodyWorks in Hungary sounds way cooler and more exotic. Fun!

  4. I am SO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW. When I traveled to Canada and the States in 2010 I spent two days in NYC and loved it. I’ve been longing to go back.
    And BodyWorks – looks amazing. Squee!

    • BodyWorks is quite amazing. If you are near an exhibit at some point, check it out (and don’t be like me and keep showing up a few weeks before or after it arrives).
      You just need to come back to Canada and the US to visit again.:)

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