I lost my med student today.

I don’t lose things.

Apprently, I can lose people.

Somewhere between the consults at the three hospitals in the city, he went missing.  I paged and there was no answer.

In the process of trying to find said med student, I could have seen the consult myself.

When we finally did reunite, it turns out he wandered between the two other hospitals looking for the outpatient chart I had on my person to try to make things more efficient.

I have no idea how I didn’t somehow run into him on my way back and forth.  But somehow we just missed each other.

And, it isn’t intuitive that one of the hospitals (the one I was paging from) isn’t “in house” and thus will ring busy if you don’t dial 9 first from the other hospitals to return the page.

At least I ate and figured out the consult while trying to find the med student.  He didn’t eat.  And the afternoon was insane, so by the time we headed out, he was about to eat one of his own limbs (in my defense, I insisted he get food while I finished that consult and before the scope we were going to, but he was worried about getting lost/missing something).

Needless to say, I had an apologetic shadow for the rest of the day.  And understandably so… I would have done the same thing if I were him.

I just plain felt bad (although I also saw humor in the situation).

I don’t think I was ever lost for that long, although I was lost before.  I do remember working with another med student when I was a med 4 who was always going missing.  And not accidental missing, sketchy missing.  We started using their name as a verb meaning that people were missing intentionally… We called it pulling a “Ricky.”

I am glad that I am no longer someone that has to follow or find someone all the time.  Just most of it.   It is still a bit more freeing.

Medicine is terrifying in that you are always being evaluated and judged.  ALWAYS.  So, when stuff happens and you miss something or look like you aren’t there, it is really frightening.

The thing is… It happens to everyone to some degree. 

Also, it is nice to not eat his face with rage because of a simple confusion and normal lost-ness.  A courtesy I wish was bestowed on me from time to time.  Do unto others, as they say.

Plus, it is funny that I can say I kind of lost a person.

The last lesson in this is that a single city SHOULD have one hospital building with one in-house calling system.  Just saying.

4 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Haha that poor guy. I can imagine that would be pretty confusing, working in 3 different hospitals.

    Clerkship is definitely stressful in that we’re not only evaluated by our knowledge and skills but our attitude and basically how much our preceptors like us. It also makes it hard to stand up for ourselves if we’re ever treated inappropriately. I love clerkship but I can’t wait to be done with that part of it!

    • The three hospital thing is very confusing at the best of times.

      I can’t agree with you more on Clerkship and really, medical training as a whole… It is very much knowledge and skills, but also attitude and, at times, personality.

    • It is funny.
      So, normally, I have the pager and cell number of someone I am working with frequently. The problem is that this person was visiting from a US school and didn’t have a Canadian cell number to text.

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