1km, downhill in a blizzard.

Image from globalnews.ca.

Today was the storm of the century.  Or decade.  Or year. Something like that.

Either way, there was a lot of snow and even more wind.

Ah, Canadian Spring.

Everything was shut down.  Everything.

But not the hospital.

So, Patrick drove me to work this morning before it all started.

I saw my follow-up visits.

They took the busses off the road.

I got called to go to the other site.

I learned on the shuttle that the police had told people to stay off the roads.

I went back to the other site and watched an ambulance do a 360 in front of my very eyes.

I had a hard time tracking people down to get information because they had all bailed early if they could.

And then, it was 5 and I could go home.

Except I couldn’t see across the street.

I was ready for this.

I had my giant green, puffy coat that is the best $200 I have ever spent. I bought this expensive monstrosity when I started med school because I didn’t have a car and walked/bussed everywhere in a very, very windy, stormy city.  It is always warm.  It also makes for good padding when you wipe out on the ice.

I had my giant winter boots.  The sort that are so heavy and warm and dry you can’t pick your feet off the ground when you try to walk.

I was so bundled with scarves and hats you could only see my eyes.

Image from arcticlise.blogspot.com.

I had a crummy day, so I had all kinds of angry energy.

So, I said, “bring it on, winter,” and left the hospital on foot.

It is a 15 minute walk.

It took me 25 minutes.

My glasses fogged up and froze within 2.  So, I took them off and stumbled home blind the rest of the way home.

The sidewalk for the first bit was plowed.  Well, kind of.  It was plowed,but then the wind un-plowed it.  The snow was only ankle deep.

But, then it started to really suck.  The snow was knee deep on the sidewalk.  Some of the banks were as tall as me.  I staggered my way down the hill.  I only fell over once and that was because I didn’t quite clear a snowbank. I got stuck a few times, but not for long. And I kind of fell in someone’s sunken stairwell (one of those ones that goes under street level), but I caught myself on their house).

This is what I was afraid of happening to me. Image from smartcanucks.ca.

I walked on the road a bit.  It wasn’t like anyone else was as ridiculous as I was and was out. I seriously saw 4 cars and 2 pedestrians.  That being said, I am too paranoid and blind (and the visibility sucked too much) to walk in the road the whole time.

It was kind of like one of those stories our grandparents tell us of walking 5 miles uphill, barefoot in a blizzard.  Except I was wearing 10 pounds of clothing, going mostly downhill for only just over a kilometre in a blizzard.

I have good training for this having lived in a city where they never plowed sidewalks and walking took your life into your own hands.   I just don’t have to crack out that level of hearty very often here.

I kept telling myself that this will make a great story over and over again. That and that it is totally my workout for the day.

15 thoughts on “1km, downhill in a blizzard.

  1. Wow! You had quite the trip home! And to think I’ve been envious of everyone who has got to enjoy snow this year. We haven’t had anything more than a dusting this year and I miss it so! Glad you made it safely!

    • I did. I do like being at home, safe and inside during snow storms. We have had a number of storms this year and I feel done with it. However, if I were in your shoes and only had a dusting, I would miss it very much. At least I would miss it sometimes.

    • It was bad here, but as it turns out, we only had about 20cm of snow. I can’t believe it based on the drifting and insanity I walked through, but I guess it was all the wind.

  2. Yikes! That does not sound fun! I was whining because we had slow flurries the other day, and I thought it was stupid for spring in Tennessee. I couldn’t survive in Canada. What brand is this coat might I ask? It’s probably excessive for any need I’ll ever have, but I’m still curious since I have yet to meet a coat that will legitimately keep you warm (as opposed to less cold).

    • It isn’t fun. That being said, I do like our seasons.
      When I was in med school, I remember we once had flurries one morning in early June. I was cranky about it for a week.
      The coat is the brand Mark’s Work Warehouse sells. I remember it said it was warm to -30 celsius or something. Canada Goose coats are supposed to be awesome too.

      • Mark’s Work Warehouse is something I have never heard of… either clearly Canadian or at the very least a North of Tennessee thing.

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