My new favourite morbid parody

It still isn’t Spring outside.

This week so far, the Respirology consult service I am covering has seen 11 new consults.  And, we’re following about 18 inpatients.

I have physics for the first time in weeks with the instructor who actually expects me to know stuff.  And the other resident is on vacation somewhere warm and is thus leaving me to fend for myself on my own.

To make me happy, I will share the song… The terribly morbid and kind of horrifying parody of a song I quite love.

The original song is “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?” from the movie Frozen.  

I know, there are a million parodies.  Yes, there are.  But I have only listened to a couple and  I feel like it will be tough to top this one… At least for me.

The parody is “Do You Want To Hide a Body?”  Yes.  True story.  What better to sing and laugh about on a crazy day?

I am a bit of a terrible person.

Listen to it to the very end to get the full effect of the morbid funny and epic creepy.

2 thoughts on “My new favourite morbid parody

  1. Oh my goodness! It’s hilarious. And very very twisted. “It doesn’t have to be in one piece”! o.O And let’s not even talk about the last bit. I will definitely not be sharing this with my very innocent little sister 😛

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