Twisted MixTape: Most Played

This week’s Twisted MixTape with Jen from My Skewed View is a free for all.

My Skewed View


I was undecided as to where I was going with it and then I opened iTunes and it was organized according to the number of plays.  So, this is kind of a cop-out, but this is my top five most played songs for the last three years according to iTunes on my laptop.

“The Road” by Vocal Few.  It is actually pretty crazy this song is in the top five because I only bought the EP this song was on in August.  Clearly, I love the whole EP, but this is one of my favourites and it is cross-appointed on my running playlist, which means it gets additional play.

“Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John.  I must confess that I didn’t love this song for life.  I gained an affection for it after watching that scene from 27 Dresses where they sing it and butcher the lyrics while dancing on the bar.  I still sing the wrong lyrics.

“More Time” by Needtobreathe.  These lyrics blow my mind with the depth of meaning behind them.  They have gotten me through some pretty stressful and uncertain times and I am sure they will again.

“Mr. Medicine” by Eliza Doolittle.  I credit my discovery of this song to the Child winning the CD in a collection of CDs that most people would not have wanted and then giving me said collection for my birthday a few years ago.  Then, Patrick was going somewhere and the radio was sucking, as usual, so he popped this CD in and discovered the hilarity that is this gem.  We rock out to this song more often that is probably reasonable as a result (also, Patrick sometimes calls me Mrs. Medicine sometimes because of the song too).

“Don’t Look Back” by She & Him.  This is another song that gets more plays by virtue of also existing on the running play list.  I adore She & Him and this is just such a happy, keep moving forward song, I tend to play it for motivation for all kinds of things.

I was a bit surprised by a few of the songs and surprised others weren’t up there on this list, although they were close.

What is falling on your top 5 most played these days?  And over how long does that count span?




2 thoughts on “Twisted MixTape: Most Played

  1. Oh my gosh!! I just realized I never commented, I actually kept your post open because every time I’ve had a chance I’ve listened to a song. I had never heard any of them and liked the feel of this post so much I had to take the time to listen. But with the 8yo monster it took a few days!
    This is an amazing list, and I can’t thank you enough for the intro!

    • Too funny. I’m glad you got a chance to listen to the songs (I can’t imagine how time consuming and yet awesome it is to listen to all the mixes, I usually only get a chance to listen to a couple).
      I do things like that all the time. I often say, “I’ll comment on that,” and then I leave it open and sometimes, I confess, it just doesn’t happen.
      Thanks as always for stopping by!

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