The Top Ten Tuesday topic this week is the top ten unique books you have read.

Sounds cool.  Too bad I spent my evening trying to finish up my presentation for the conference I am going to in a few weeks.

Yes, I am that keen.  But, the real reason I am getting it done now is because I want my research supervisors to give me useful feedback and the only way to ensure they give me said feedback is to give them a fake deadline much before it is actually needed.

So, I spent much of my evening curled up on the couch with my laptop listening to the leak drip (yes, we still have that leak, although it has slowed) and watching television while creating a powerpoint presentation all about my research.  Which then reminds me I need to start working on my manuscript, but that is a challenge for another day.

My current “unique” is that I know a lot about current research around cancer support groups, education programs and mood scales.

In other “uniques,” the only book I could think of for the list in question was The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.  Because I LOVE death as the narrator.

I start my palliative medicine rotation tomorrow.  I am excited because I really like palliative medicine.  Also, it is the first rotation I have looked forward to since the Fall.    That makes me and it kind of unique.

The cat is unique.  He has a strange love of Q-Tips.  He carries them around and chews them and finds them a particular delicacy worth digging through the garbage for if they have ear wax on them.

I am uniqued out now.

Please, share your thoughts!

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