Top Ten Bookish Things I Would Like To Own

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday with the Broke and the Bookish is super fun.  It is the top ten bookish things I would like to own.

I love bookish paraphernalia. It is why I window shop at Chapters for fun and why bookstores and other nerdery engage me.

A personal library.  Yes, I know this is kind of extravagant, but it is super awesome too. I can’t wait to have a room full of shelves with a built in reading nook and all that greatness.

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A card catalogue cabinet.  I think the Dewey Decimal system is cool and loved the days back when you looked up books using the card catalogue with separate sections for the nonfiction dewey decimal books and the other for the alphabetical order authors.   Not only do I miss those days (although the internet is way more efficient, at times, but I really miss the things that held the cards.  I love those cabinets.  They have one on the set of the Big Bang Theory and I would totally have one of my own, even if the drawers are awkward to keep stuff in because of their size and depth.

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Some really cool shelves. I can’t even narrow it down beyond that. There are just so many cool shelving options these days, from picture frame shelves to literal book shelves and novel storage cubicles in different places (like in stair cases).

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A cool e-reader cover. My e-reader cover was a gift to accompany the gift of my e-reader (guess which I opened first and got very confused). Although it is nice, I would love to get one that is either really funky or one that looks like an old book cover.

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A nice bookish canvas bag. I am torn between a few selections. One is the ever popular peacock feather Pride and Prejudice bag, but I would also settle for a nice “Nerd.” bag or one of the book saying kinds of bags. I am just far too cheap to pay for one of them at full price.

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Bookish Coffee. This is a new discovery. As in, I was searching imaging of bookish bags and then I realized that I need to try Bookish Coffee. It is a real company that probably preys on crazies like me, but still… I like books, I like coffee, therefore coffee that claims to be bookish must be great.

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Book Art. I really think books folded into things like hearts are cool (although if I had one at cat level, he would eat it). I also really think book cover art collages are kind of neat.

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One of those quote mugs. Again, I don’t have it that narrowed down because I just don’t buy the stuff even though I like it. But, a quote from one of my favourite books on a nice mug to drink my caffeine from would be great.

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A Literary Scarf. I am not big into book themed jewelry and am wary even of t-shirts (although I would consider wearing one), but a scarf with some nice printing of a favourite book would be pretty cool to have.

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A bookish t-shirt.  Fine.  I needed one more thing.  And I do admire them.  It would have to be a book that I stand behind loving, though.  Or something book related and fabulous.

What bookish stuff would you want?


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Things I Would Like To Own

  1. Great post! I turned a small room in my house into a library. Not all my books are in there – only 3 book shelves worth. But I have a comfy seat, side table, etc. So a great little reading place.

  2. We must be kindred spirits! I had the “I like big books” bag, the literary scarf, my own library, and a card catalogue on my list too.

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