Twisted MixTape: So Long Songs

This is the last Twisted MixTape until the Fall. Thus, the theme is farewell/missing you. Check out the other entries in the blog hop at My Skewed View with Jen by following the link in the image below.

My Skewed View

Farewells are things that often kind of suck. Okay, they can really suck. As someone who existed in a perpetual long distance relationship for a number of years and then someone who lives far (though now much less far) from most of my family and some friends, farewells are things I am too framiliar with. On my Palliative Medicine rotation, I am partaking in some other farewells that have sad overtones of a different kind. That being said, farewells are bitter sweet, often with anticipation of a journey to come and sadness of missing people.

No wonder some great songs were written about all sorts of farewells and lonely people.

“I Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye” by Sam Phillips. If you are a semi-obsessive Gilmore Girls viewer, you may recognize this song from the show and the singer as one of the key music writers for the show. This song resonates with me because I am just plain not great at goodbyes.

“Olivianna” by JJ Heller. I really like Heller’s singer-songwriter thing. Her songs are real and this song was apparently based on someone she heard about who lost their daughter shortly after birth. It is a heartwrenching farewell that no person should have to live, but many do.

“Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd. The guitar alone in this song is worth a listen. The lyrics are pretty neat too. And yes, it talks about missing someone.

“I Miss You” by Blink 182. Missing you theme meet my teen angst years. This song is quite literally all about missing someone (they mention the phrase “miss you” repeatedly… In retrospect, it gets a bit annoying, but I still like the song). I like that it sings like a letter or phone call.

“So Long, Farewell” from The Sound of Music. Come on, I couldn’t do a farewell mix without closing with this delightful number. I may or may not sing it at various goodbye moments more than I probably should.

4 thoughts on “Twisted MixTape: So Long Songs

  1. Great minds on the VonTrapp family! Also I can’t believe I missed Wish You Were Here. It’s funny how very sad all these farewells have been… I don’t do sad. I don’t like to feel sad, I push it way way way down where it will never come out and it won’t make me sick or stressed ever don’t worry 😉
    These songs really do capture the feeling of saying goodbye. BTW I didn’t know I knew the Sam Phillips song until I heard it, it’s funny when that happens.

    • The VonTrapp family are just so delightful, they need to be shared. 🙂
      It is funny about the Sam Phillips song. That seems to happen to me all the time with other people’s MixTapes. I think I don’t know the song, but then suddenly it comes flooding back when I actually hear it.
      Also glad I’m not the only one that hates farewells. Sad sucks. The good piece is that this is more of a “see you soon.”

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