Feeling anti-writing (and proud of my cat grass)

This week (or two) has been an anti-writing week.

I just haven’t felt like writing.  Sometimes I have ideas, but I can’t bring myself (or find the time) to sit down and actually write.

I can’t say I’ve had a particularly bad week.  Or even a crazy busy week.

My days are full.  I am on Palliative Medicine, so I am in my happy place.  I’ve been keeping up with the gym and we spent the weekend at home visiting family.

All good things.  All tiring things.

My big physics exam is coming up.  I need to prep a manuscript for the university research day.  I need to prep a manuscript for publication.  I am presenting at a conference next week.

I guess things are kind of adding up.  And possibly, some of the feeling overwhelmed from that is keeping me from writing (or working on those things, for that matter).  Hopefully, it passes soon.  I kind of want my groove back.

On a brighter and unrelated note, the cat grass is growing… A lot.   And the cat doesn’t eat it.  He just sniffs it and bats it. Basically, we have a pot of freakishly tall lawn.  I think I might trade it in for coriander at some point soon…


6 thoughts on “Feeling anti-writing (and proud of my cat grass)

  1. I think I’m not a “true writer” because I can’t make myself write. Either I have something to say or I don’t. No middle. If I try to write even though I’m not in the proper frame-of-mind or nothing in particular is on my mind, it just doesn’t work. Or it takes me ridiculously long just to get a paragraph out. You sound very busy – and you do other types of writing for your studies. Hope your exam and presentation go well!

    • I can make myself write. But not always, there is still an element of mood and energy that needs to come to play.
      I get what you mean about needing to be in the proper frame of mind. It is so much better when you are ready to write and the ideas are there!

  2. I think we all go through peaks and valleys. Being overwhelmed is not conducive to creativeness either. Hopefully it will pass and you will be back entertaining us with stories of your life and the hospital.

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