Top Ten Books If You Like X Movie or TV Show

Greetings from one of the four airports I will visit today.  I am en route to a conference (and getting delays and rescheduled up the whazoo), so the lovely Patrick has done this week’s Top Ten Tuesday to go with the Broke and Bookish’s theme “Top Ten Books If You Like X.”

1. Red Rising by Pierce Brown if you liked the TV show Smallville. Its set on Mars and Darrow may not be Clark Kent but he is super-human. He also struggles with pretending to be someone he’s not while keeping his real identity a secret. There is even a Lex Luthor- like character but I won’t spoil it for you!

2. The Guinea Pig Diaries by AJ Jacobs if you like the TV show Mythbusters. Jacobs basically makes himself a guinea pig in experiments such as outsourcing his entire life to India.

3. 11/22/63 by Stephen King if you like the TV show Continuum or anything involving Time Travel! The novel/show both have a unique take on time travel and the consequences of it.

4. Treasure of Khan by Clive Cussler if you like the TV show NCIS: LA. This book (by one of my favorite authors) is just one of many in a series of books revolving around Dirk Pitt, and sidekick Al Giordino’s adventures solving mysteries/crimes at sea. Not unlike G and Sam.

5. Dust by Joan Frances Turner if you like the movie Warm Bodies. Yes I know Warm bodies is also a novel but stay with me. Dust also makes you look at zombies as more humanistic with emotions, memories and dancing.

6. Not Wanted on the Voyage by Timothy Findley. if you liked the new movie Noah. Confession: I haven’t watched Noah but have heard the director took some liberties with the biblical story much like Findley. If you are okay or even like that sort of thing, this novel is for you. Warning the book has some seriously disturbing parts.

7. The Art of Racing in the Rain (Audio Book) by Garth Stein if you like the book/movie Marley & Me. Both focus on the special bond between a man and his dog. We listened it to it and I think that only made it better. Make sure you have the tissues handy for either of them though!

8. The Passage by Justin Cronin if you like the TV show Being Human (BBC or American version). The novel has good and bad supernatural creatures including to vampires but the real type not Twilight-version. Cronin takes you on an incredible journey to say the least!

9. Catch-22 by Joseph Heller if you like the TV show Mash. I recently read this classic and the way it found humor in war times reminded me of Mash. Interesting random fact, Heller coined the expression Catch-22!

10. I didn’t ask to be born (But I’m glad I was) by Bill Cosby if you like TV show The Cosby Show. I know it may be cheating because they both involve Cosby. But trust me he’s just as funny in book form!


11. Allegiant by Veronica Roth if you like How I met your Mother (particularly the series finale ending). That’s all I’ll say but many of you will know what I mean)

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Books If You Like X Movie or TV Show

  1. I’ll have to read Cosby’s book! I do love him, he’s so funny! And ouch to the How I Met Your Mother finale/Allegiant comparison! Actually I don’t know why I’m saying ouch… I guess because Allegiant didn’t bother me too much actually, but I didn’t watch How I Met Your Mother so I can’t comment on that point as someone who was emotionally invested.

    • Ouch pretty much sums it up for both Tris and the Mother’s endings! That being said I did like the Allegiant ending. It fit with the rest of the story. Unlike HIMYM’s ending that came out of nowhere for many of its characters.

    • Red Rising is definitely worth a read! I’ll have to check out Plague of the Dead as I am a The Walking Dead fan.

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