I Forgot My Pants

“I forgot my pants” is a phrase that I never thought I would utter.

I mean, how does one forget their pants?

When they aren’t wearing them of course!

Patrick and I often joke that somebody forgot their pants if they are wearing a terribly short skirt.  We point out that they forgot their pants as if it is an unfortunate accident rather than a fashion fail and an eye gouging experience for innocent bystanders.

Here is a helpful guide to whether you are wearing pants from Huffington Post… In case you aren’t sure.

I can’t say I forgot my pants in that way.  I have a “my skirt must always be longer than my fingertips rule” that is quite protective in that sense.  Also, the whole, if I wear it to bed or the gym, they probably aren’t appropriate for prolonged public wear.

However, I still managed to forget my pants not once, but twice this month.

My gym pants that is.

The first time, I went to the gym after work.  Got there, went in a changing room and changed shirts and bras and then went to grab pants and realized I brought a t-shirt, not my running pants.

So disappointing.

You see, I hate changing clothes.  I will often spend the evening in my work clothes at home relaxing because I hate changing that much.  So, making the effort to change for the gym only realizing I have no pants to work out in is a very upsetting experience to me.

But that wasn’t the last time the pants forgetting happened.

When I got to the hotel for the conference, I went to unpack my suitcase and realized, yet again I forgot my pants… My gym pants.  I have sneakers and appropriate upper body wear.  But, no pants.

I know how it happened.  I was doing laundry and put the last load in the dryer overnight.  The next morning, I couldn’t remember what I was waiting for to come out of the dryer to close my suitcase.  Instead of checking, I just assumed I must have grabbed it and that is why I couldn’t think of what it was.

Turns out, that thing I was thinking of was my pants.

So, I was that cool cat who went down for a very quick run (I only had 20 minutes between arriving and the start of the Montreal-Boston game… Priorities, people!) this evening in my pyjama pants.  My light pink, pink, striped pants with my fluorescent running shoes and bright blue tank top.  I am a cool cat.  Thankfully I saw nobody.  I am sure if the hotel staff saw me on camera in colour, they would think I was “special.”

The good piece is that I only forget gym pants.  If I had to pick a thing to forget, that would be an item of choice.

7 thoughts on “I Forgot My Pants

    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing your post. That looks like a fun trip!

      I don’t mind travelling alone. I like the adventure and being able to wander where and when I want without having to worry about dragging other people along. That being said, I tend to miss my husband when I go anywhere without him.

  1. That is honestly the worst, when you get to the gym and realize you’ve forgotten something. Also, I can’t believe you wear your work clothes in the evening! The first thing I do whenever I get through my front door is put on PJs or sweatpants haha. I hate wearing dress clothes.

    • My wearing work clothes in the evening boggles most people’s minds, I have learned. I am trying to “learn” to be more comfy and change more often after work. It is nice, I just have to get past the extra laundry and extra effort (as weird as that is).

  2. Hahahahah, love this 🙂
    I made coffee without putting the pot under the percolator the other morning… not quite the same but gave the boy a good chuckle while he was helping me mop the floor at 6am.

    • I have done that. It is the worst because not only do you have a mess, you missed out on coffee. Glad the boy found the humour in it, though!

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