Being a Leisurely Commuter

It was a good morning.

I was seeing some consults at another hospital and I was told to show up at 9:45.  That is basically halfway through the day.

I got up around the same time and went downtown for coffee and some physics studying.  I love doing work with caffeine, food and the bustle of people heading out for the day.  Especially with a good view and Eddie Vedder playing in the background.IMG_0036 IMG_0037

I then commuted using the ferry.  Yes, the ferry.  I never get to travel by ferry.  It is more awesome than the subway, in case you are wondering.  IMG_0040

I then took a more scenic walking trail to the hospital.  Although, I did get a bit lost, it was worth it.IMG_0043

I concluded I could do this.  Be a ferry commuter, specifically.  If every day was as sunny and leisurely as this morning.  But when the weather sucks (or I just want to sleep as late as reasonably possible), I am glad I am close to the hospitals I usually work at.

Really, I am a commuter.  I take the bus or walk every day now that Patrick has a real job that sends him an hour out of town every morning (meaning he leaves at 7 in the morning every day).  That kind of commuting just isn’t as novel to me.  The having a husband with a REAL teaching job (at least until the end of the year) is, though, so I like it nonetheless.

Even finding out my physics exam was rescheduled AGAIN couldn’t ruin my morning.  Okay, it did have me agitated most of the day, but it is a growing experience.

8 thoughts on “Being a Leisurely Commuter

  1. Ours was rescheduled as well. Big pain in the you-know-what. Oh well, roll with the punches and water off a duck’s back. It sets off everyone’s schedule of studying and delays timing of other things.

    • Next time you are in a place where it is possible, give it a try. It has this weird feeling of being relaxed, even though you are on a mission to get somewhere.

      • Well, that would require us moving out of a landlocked state! Which I wouldn’t mind doing! I used to live in the Houston area and got to ride the ferry in Galveston a few times; I would have loved to have been done that every day!

  2. The weather looks so beautiful there! So jealous. I’ve never been on that particular ferry before, even with all the time spend in that city. Hm. Must remedy that.

    • It has been beautiful, but usually only for half a day, then it goes back to the rain and fog to which we have grown accustomed. The sunshine makes for such a fun adventure, though. It also made me not want to go in to work ever.
      Yes, remedy the not riding on the ferry piece. If nothing else just take the ferry to the other side to grab coffee (Two If By Sea is an amazing spot near terminals on each side if you are looking for one). It is a pleasant little ride.

      • Love their lattes and the little pins they have with their logo and random sayings. Best baked goods all around.

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