We have a flower!

The M household has an announcement.

We have a rose!


I have written about my attempt at green thumb antics before.

Our rose bush has finally sprouted a single open rose.  And another is on the way.photo 1

Our rose is becoming like how some people are with babies.  We get one after a long wait and then another is on the way quickly thereafter (or at least that is how it seems to me as an innocent baby wanting bystander).

I am so proud of our rose.  I discovered it yesterday morning and got excessively excited and then Patrick got excited too.  We are becoming those kinds of people.  The kind that have plants and are proud of them.

So, I tore out the cat grass (it isn’t like the cat was enjoying it) and planted cilantro and chives in its place.   We’ll see how this goes.  I am really hoping for fresh herbs.  If it goes okay, maybe I’ll expand the repertoire further.  Baby steps.

It is kind of strange, but the rose reminds me of all kinds of hope.  Hope in the fact that things grow (sometimes despite their environment).  Hope in new life.  Hope in new seasons.  Hope in things to come.

2 thoughts on “We have a flower!

  1. Great! I love my plants! have them all over the house and on the front porch now that it is warm. And I use to think I couldn’t grow anything. Plants, flowers do bring hope and joy. I read where roses are one of God’s favorites. I don’t grow them but love to get them!

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