My head hurts (welcome to pathology)

My head hurts.

Translation: Welcome to your Pathology rotation.

Yes boys and girls, despite me swearing after my med 4 pathology elective that I would not do pathology again, here I am back at it for the last 4 weeks of PGY2.

Pathology is neat.  I like knowing what things look like and seeing stuff that causes disease.  I really enjoyed my rotation in med school.

I do not like microscopes or formalin.

Neither does my head.

I had hoped that because I am on different migraine prophylaxis, off combined OCPs and in better shape this would not be as much of an issue.  It isn’t as much of an issue.  Day two and no migraines, which is shaping up to be better than the first time around where I had a migraine on day one or two and every couple days thereafter.  But, I have had daily headaches.  And those are still not cool.

I need to drink more water.  And maybe getting back to the gym will help.

Perhaps this is just a blip and it will get better.

I have already learned a bunch and I can sense I will enjoy this pathology rotation even more than my med school rotation by virtue of how much I have already learned and how many teaching sessions and interdisciplinary rounds are going on.  Plus, my learning is targeted toward oncology, not entirely randomness. I am okay with spending my evening reading about gastric cancer pathology reporting and staring in microscopes half the day when it means that I will better understand the disease in the end.

I will have a good rotation.  Even if my head is trying to disagree.


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